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These are five maps that have depth, character & appeal. Not just four corners with lots of $$$ and 10 sw to capture. These maps will put th...


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These are five maps that have depth, character & appeal. Not just four corners with lots of $$$ and 10 sw to capture. These maps will put the fun back in Generals. Soon, these will be the only unofficial maps played online. Don't believe me? Download & see for yourself.

---FIRST MAP--- Map Name: Bay of Pigs 2 (2-8)

Map Author: Thrawn28 (Englands Biggest Slacker)

Released: 14/05/03

Map size: 450 X 450

Usage: Online or Skirmish mode against the computer

Players: 2 - 6

Description:I always loved the old RedAlert2 map called BayofPigs in fact i was a bit dissappointed that no one had made an updated version so i thought i would do it myself :-) for anyone who never played bayofpigs before its a symetrical map with lots of room to build and loads of cash to spend i hope you have fun playing my map

Note: This is a modified version of the map which is better for those with low spec pc's

---SECOND MAP--- Map Name: Blazeasterisk Night

Description: This map was created By Scudlancer aka [Exo]Shayol. Its a 5-player Island map designed in the shape of a star. Close quarters combat with this one. Adequate money. Each player gets an oil derrick. Should offer up some fast and furious gaming.

This map has been modified to simulate a rainy night. Should make it even more fun.

---THIRD MAP--- Map Name: GLA Camp - Mapping by Kwyjibo, Textures by Teslatrooper

Description : This map is meant for 2v2 Left vs Right play. The two sides are seperated by a large mountain range. Because of the rough terrain, it is difficult to move large numbers of tanks quickly, so infantry escort plays a big role in the game. In the center of the of the mountain range there is a valley containing an abandoned GLA Camp. It is a very good idea to control this area as there might be some useful things to capture.

---FOURTH MAP--- Map Name: Hammer and Sickle Author: OzCommander size: H560 V310 skirmish: yes players: 1-4 Time: Afternoon weather: Normal

Description: This is a re-creation of the ra2 map 'Hammer and Sickle" for Generals.For those not familiar with the ra2 map it has 3 islands. Two players start on the mainland and another two are separated with bridges. This map can be played with AI or humans players.

---FIFTH MAP--- Map Name: Battle for Baghdad MP-Online, Size: 350 X 450 Players: 4 Type: Skirmish & Multiplayer

By special request, Ari Rashid asked if he could modify my original map for online play. Ari had some special maps he thought would be great to make into a map pack and wanted to include “Battle for Baghdad” in his map pack. Ari wanted to place some of his own buildings to capture in a few spots on the map so some of the new building placement are his own additions with my approval. I helped him lean the map out a little so it would play online easier. I don’t usually agree to modifications of my work, but Ari was kind enough to ask for my permission, so I have allowed this version to be placed in his map pack. THIS VERSION IS NOT TO BE POSTED AS A SINGLE MAP FOR DOWNLOAD AND IS ONLY TO BE USED AS PART OR ARI RASHID’S MAP PACK.

Map description: The Mother of all Battles…..Battle for Baghdad! It’s meant to be played using only the USA and GLA factions, GLA in the center city positions and the USA faction in the North/South positions ….Plenty of oil fields and Refineries to capture….. The Map is true to the City layout of Baghdad with all the major Government buildings including the Airport and Train Stations…. See all the sites…..Saddam’s Statues and Parade Grounds…..just make sure your armed and dangerous!

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These maps are not made by General_Ari. These maps are endorsed by General_Ari. Some were edited/ modified by General_Ari.

All modifications & releases had the owner's permission before any action on them could be taken. Do NOT modify or edit maps without asking the owner/ maker. It is illigal.

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