Basic INI File Editor

An improvement on the Basic INI File Editor. Now with autosave!


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An improvement on the Basic INI File Editor. Now with autosave!

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Readme- Baisc INI File Editer 1.1:
Now Availible At:

First of all thank you for showing an interest in my program.
The program was written in visual, and 
therefore you will need to download the .net framework 1.1 from either: (It is found under downloads)
~or~ where you must find the .net redistibutable (20 mb) if you do not already have it.
Please note that the program will not work without this.

Changes/New Features:
Improved Search Tool
Different GUI
New context Menus
Auto-Save function
Read Only Function for viewing
Improved Snippet Holder
All of this and many more features not listed here!

If you have any comments/suggestions please email:
or visit and use the suggestions box under contact us

Q: It shows an error and dosen't start what should i do?
A: Download the .net framework 1.1 details above, and check that you have extracted ALL of the files.

Q: What does it do?
A: The Baisc INI File Editer is used for editing INI files to make mods, but can be used for other things.

Q: Where is the license for this program?
A: There is none! It is unprotected, but please do not claim it as your own or try to profit from it. Other than that you may distirbute it as you like, through your website, email, cdrom, whatever you want.

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