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Well I was talking to iggy yesterday and he ran across this great mod, and he sent it to me and I decided to check it out. All I have to say...


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Well I was talking to iggy yesterday and he ran across this great mod, and he sent it to me and I decided to check it out. All I have to say is this mod is off the hook, this is the tightest mod for Generals I've ever seen. Its just a beta so there is still some bugs. No new buildings yet but it has a ton of new vechicles. This mod was made around the lines of the battlemech world ie. mechwarrior games. Its is full of suprises and the skins look real and tight. Take a look at the screanshots for a better view of this all. Please thank iggy for getting the screanshots for us. Along with thanking the battlemech team for allowing us to post this mod here.

EDIT- One more thing I forgot to bring up the AI does not work but they are almost done with the AI scripting of this mod. I will post it As soon as it gets in.

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Download '' (23.89MB)

TITLE            : Battletech: The Capellan Solution v1.0 BETA
WEBSITE          :
FORUM            :;c=10
FILENAME         :
VERSION          : 1.0b
DATE             : 26/03/2004
AUTHOR           : Battletech Mod Productions - Generals Team
CONTACT          :

This is the fifth overall release, and the first public one!

Welcome Commander,
Thank you for Downloading the Command & Conquer Generals "The Capellan Solution" mod.
This mod is based on the BattleTech storylines and tactical information.

Please take notice that this software is still in development and thus is considered "Beta".


With this file you find serveral other files that you will need to play the mod.

Extract the contents of the zip to your Generals directory, with "use folder names" on, and start the game

- Make sure ALL other MOD's have been deleted FIRST!
- You must have version 1.7 of Generals installed first for this MOD to work.

First of all there is the "The Capellan Solution.BIG" file, this goes into your main generals folder. This file contains the most important information for the mod to work.

Second there is the "generals.csf" file. This file contains the text labels for units and objects. Since exterior files overrule the .BIG files we excluded this file from the .BIG file so nothing can overrule this one. The file goes into the "\C&C Generals\Data\english" folder
The "" file goes into your \C&C Generals\Data\Scripts\ directory.
And last there is a small movie file that is shown while starting up the game: "logobmp.bik"
This goes into the "\C&C Generals\Data\english\Movies" folder to work correctly.
And, of course, the readme files, in txt and doc formats.

OK, now your almost ready to go, but please take notice of the following:

Since we are a small mod team we would greatly appreciate any help from the gamers out there who make our work worth while. This is not the final version of this mod, we plan to release in 3 steps. First this one, which contains all units and a working AI for multiplayer online and skirmish purposes. The next release will include the introduction Campaign, Upgrades and Generals abilities, and the last release will also include the Buildings and the new Campaigns.
Along the way we want to fix bugs and refine the units and game balance, and this is where we could certainly use your help. There are still bugs and small errors in the game which we might have overlooked and of course any suggestions and tips are welcome.
Should you run into a bug or error we would greatly appreciate it if you could report this to us, either by mail of you could visit our forum at ";c=10"

And not to forget we could use your input for the AI, which is still in its early steps.

Uninstalling the MOD

To remove the TCS MOD from your computer delete the following files from your 
Generals directory:

- "The Capellan Solution.big" from your Generals directory
- from your Generals\Data\Scripts\ directory
- "logobmp.bik" from your Generals\Data\english\Movies\ directory
- "generals.csf" from your Generals\Data\english\ directory
- the two readme files (readme.txt and readme.doc)

SLDF (Eridani Light Horse)
owens        - chevie / masa
cougar       - DA/Chevie / Masa
Nova         - Lynx / Masa
Bushwacker   - Aladin/Chevie/DA / Chevie
NovaCat      - Aladin / Masa
Mad Cat      - DA / Masa
Battlemaster - Chevie/DA / Masa
Cyclops      - Chevie/DA / Masa
Blood Asp    - DA / Masa
Supernova    - Lynx/Masa / Chevie
Slayer       - chevie / Masa
Mechbuster   - Chevie / Masa
Karnov UV    - Chevie / Masa

St Ives
Raven        - Aladin/Da / KerenskiAlpha
Phoenix Hawk - Chevie/DA / Chevie/Masa
Centurion    - Chevie / Chevie
BlackJack    - Chevie / KerenskiAlpha
Catapult     - Chevie/DA / Chevie/Masa
Helios       - Chevie / Chevie/Masa
Emperor      - Chevie/Da / KerenskiAlpha
Marauder2    - Da/Chevie / Chevie/Masa
Pillager     - Chevie/DA / Chevie/Masa
Fulcrum      - Chevie / Masa
Behemoth     - Chevie / Chevie
SparrowHawk  - NathanKell / Masa
Hovertruck   - Chevie / Masa

Liao (Capellan Confederation)
Anubis     - DA / Masa
Sha Yu     - DA / Masa
Wraith     - Chevie / Chevie/Masa
Menshen    - DA / Masa
Cataphract - Chevie/DA / Masa
LaoHu      - Da / Chevie/Masa
Stalker    - Chevie / Masa
YuHuang    - Chevie/DA / Masa
Atlas      - Chevie/DA / Chevie/Masa
Thrush     - Chevie / Masa
J-27       - Chevie / Chevie

All infantry modelled and textured by Chevie,
All animation and special effects by DA (DeathAngel)

Alpha v0.9, 24/03/2004
+ Concluded all units for SLDF, Liao and St Ives
+ Revamped AI for all sides
+ More interface work added, cameos now included
+ misc code tweaks
+ Several typos corrected

Alpha v0.35, 20/03/2004
+ revised AI test for Liao

Alpha v0.3, 21/02/2004 (internal release only)
+ More units for all sides
+ Included build costs and times
+ included interface work, background screens
+ logo movie added
+ coding rewrites
+ new visual fx
+ dmg states added

Alpha v0.21, 15/01/2004 (internal release only)
+ fixed small code problem

Alpha v0.2, 11/01/2004 (internal release only)
+ more units for SLDF
+ added units for Liao
+ added units for St Ives
+ new sound fx
+ new visual fx
+ continued code building

Alpha v0.1, 21/11/2003 (internal release only)
+ inserted new units in-game for SLDF
+ new code

v1.0 Beta, 26/03/2004
+ Some infantry still not animated
+ Some cameos incomplete
+ Campaigns still missing
+ Early AI

Battletech Mod Productions - Generals Team
ChevieBlazer  - Team Leader, Modeller and Skinner
MaSaKaRi      - PR & Webmaster, Modeller, Skinner, Graphic Art
Lynx          - Modeller, Mapper
DeathAngel    - Coder, Animator, Mapper, Modeller and AI programming
KerenskiAlpha - Skinner
Fishfighter29 - Skinner

Contact us:

Special Thanks
To everybody who has believed in us from the beginning, specially the gang at BMP. This one is for you guys! :)

Copyright and Distribution Permissions


These files are only for personal use. 

Copyright notices: 
Battletech, and any logos or images are copyright FanPro/Wizkids LLC.

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