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Its been a few weeks since the last release. Ive been busy with work-related stuff, so I didn have time to address the problems with...


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Its been a few weeks since the last release. Ive been busy with work-related stuff, so I didn have time to address the problems with BigPOP. To rectify this, Ive made a pre-release of version 0.5b. It should fix all the problems people have been having with the program. Note: Included is a update-only -- people will have to download 0.4, and then apply this patch. Or, if theyve got the runtimes, they can just download this.

So again, this is a patch for BigPOP v0.4 which you can find here

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Download 'bigpop_0.5b_hotfix.exe' (92KB)

BigPOP v0.5 beta


Code based on C&C Generals beta test data files. Unlike previous Westwood games, the data files the accompany C&C Generals don't have encryption or compression -- this, of course, could change at the drop of a hat.

Until then though, you've got this. BigPOP also always on-file editing for formats it supports.

Programmed in VB6.

You use this program at your OWN risk. I, nor this program, can be held responsible for any damage or other problems that may arise or resolve through the use of this program. You are responsible for any and all the consequences of using this program.

This program should be distributed as a single, self-extracting, RAR archive. Seperate distribution of the files or code that is contained within the original distribution should only be done after express permission has been given by the programmer (Logan Booker). Other than this, the whole archive can be distributed in any manner, via HTTP, FTP, or any other transmission medium -- as long as the original archive is preserved.


BigPOP is a versatile tool for C&C Generals. It lets you open the main data files used by the game and to edit those files while they are within the archive. No more extracting files and using seperate editors, BigPOP will be the only tool you need. With the except of graphic and image formats (I deal with data formats only), you shouldn't need anything else.

Usage is fairly straightforward -- click the appropriate buttons for the appropriate functions. The only control that needs explaining is the 'Load whole file into memory' function. Use it with care; if the file is large, you'll end up on VM. The advantage is that file extraction is fast, as is replacement.

Right-click on an entry in the directory tree window to edit or delete a file. If BigPOP has interpreter support, you can edit the file within the archive, and save it straight back.

Any comments can be emailed to [email protected]


0.5b - Fifth beta release
	- Thanks to the C&C mod community for its help -- sqaushed alot of bugs in this revision. I also appreciate the tolerance and patience everyone's demonstrated, it really made the difference.

	- Fixed GUI problem that would ghost the 'Save..' button.

	- Fixed major bug in load code, missed my QA somehow. BigPOP would try to load non-existant entries. It doesn't now.

	- Fixed major bugs in save code. Now writes BIG files correctly.

	- Changed Text Editor text box to Rich Text box, as text was being cut (64k character limit on default text box).

	- File info window now includes start position within file.
	- HUGE speed boost to save routine. Optimised code, and using Windows API for file system functions. Thanks to Deezire and the forums for pointing this one out. Finally got a copy of Generals. Man, v0.4 IS slow!

0.4b - Fourth beta release

	- Mainly a 'shoring up' release, to make code more reliable and easy-to-use.

	- Added text parser companion. This is used to read .TXT, .INI, .WND, .HTM and .HTML files. TXT, WND and INI files are edited using the in-built text editor, while HTML files are parsed for viewing in Internet Explorer.

	- Minor change to CSF window: 'Save' button now ghosts and changes caption until saving is completed, at which point it becomes enabled and once again says 'Save'.

	- Changed email address for support ([email protected]), and changed About box to include this information.

	- Minor changes to BIG file load and extract routines; load code now uses NumberOfEntries instead of 'Terminate when empty' loop.

	- Completely rewritten BIG file save routine to fix some rare bugs, and to make my life a little easier. Slower (but not much), though 100 percent reliable.

	- Added support for files stored in the 'root' directory of a BIG file.

0.3b - Third beta release

	- Added CSF interpreter companion. Users can now edit CSF files while they are within a BIG archive. Supports the adding, deletion and editing of CSF language strings. This version was mainly devised to implement support for this format.

	- Improved Companion support. Companions can now be activated/deactivated for debugging purposes (at the moment).

	- Improved Event Log. Now logs a number of events (mostly BIG file-related)

	- Added basic 'New BIG file' code. Hope to have activated by next version.

	- Added reversed long and byte saving in relation to CSF file support.

	- Added right-click menu for BIG directory tree. Use this to edit files within the archive.

	- Miscellaneous bug fixes and code tweaks.

	- Fixed problem with installer not creating proper program and start menu groups.

0.2b - Second beta release
	- Major GUI changes and text tweaks. Added file information window, shows file size and name.

	- Added file replacement feature! The icon for a replaced file changes to red to let you know the data it contains is foreign. This feature is still VERY MUCH BETA! Back up your files. Replaced files, at the moment, retain the filename stored within the internal BIG directory. Altered BIGs may now also be saved.

	- Fixed bug that would cause the program to crash if you tried to extract (or replace) a file from an opened archive without actually selecting a file.

	- Fixed a spelling mistake on the progress bar window (BIF changed to BIG).

	- Added some more error-checking and handling.

	- BigPOP now shows up in the taskbar.

	- Basic implementation of 'Companions' feature. More on this next version.

	- Basic implementation of 'Event log' window. Again, more next version.

	- BIG directory tree now retains a grey highlight on the last selected file.

	- Added some handling to stop file operations being performed before a BIG file was loaded.

0.1b - First beta release

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