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Yes!! another update to my favourite apc, the Bradley M2!! they've adjusted the skins and some other minor stuffs for the other units, its a...


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Yes!! another update to my favourite apc, the Bradley M2!! they've adjusted the skins and some other minor stuffs for the other units, its all written in e readme.txt below. check out the screenshots for e new damage skins for the bradley! totally awesome. also, the blackhawk unit, which users have been currently having problems with have been solved, at least. and they finally came up with the easiest installation, a one time unzip and play, thats all!

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Bradley M2 Developer: Jason Vanover,
Blackhawk /GLA Air force Developer: Brian McKinney,

Release Date:      10/01/03
Version:           3.1e (this version will overwrite prior files of Blackhawk mod)

       First I would like to Thank EVERYONE at and everyone that 
Downloaded other versions of the BlackhawkBradley MOD, it feels great to make 
something other people are enjoying!  I never though it would be this popular! 

This extra special touchup is for all you that love the Bradley in the game!
- Jason

----Install notes---  (this time you *really* can just unzip it to your Generals main folder)

Just unzip this to your Generals folder, this will Create \ART folder and \DATA\INI and 
add generals.csf file to your \DATA\ENGLISH folder


remove \ART folder 
remove \INI folder in \DATA
remove Generals.csf file in your \ENGLISH subfolder of \DATA


The M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle carrys up to 5 soldiers inside. Has completely been 
redone by Jason. This version fixes the Bradley to have Drones and now can guard 
areas as well. Its mainly an anti infantry unit and can cut down enemy light 
vehichles in groups with ease, its just what the USA needs against early rushes 
of suicide bombers. Its equiped with a TOW missle for scuffs with tanks but will not 
last long against a Heavly armored tank in one on one. 

	If you enjoy this, please feel free to distribute it as you see fit to anyone, 
and send e-mail to let us know if you like it (also if it doesn't work or you just think
it sucks)!! :)

Bradley M2:    This unit has had the most attention in this version, Brian came up 
               with the model and Jason made the graphix and INI for it, we are pretty 
               happy with this unit... as it its this mod doesn't really through off the 
               balance of the game too much, its a nice complement the the USA forces.

Blackhawk :    This unit is fuctional yet it could use some work, i.e. size and maybe 
               could use a mini-gun (see future versions)

Mi 8 "Hip":    Transport helicopter (can attack from the air with machine gun), can 
	       transport up to 12 infantry. (Thanks to Indigo (e mail me, virus killed
	       my computer and erased my addresses!) for the photos and specs)
Mig 21:        Ground and air attack unit for the GLA.  Could it realistically contend
               with the high-tech American air force?  Who cares.
Recon Plane:   Simply a cessna with a very far viewing range.  Can't attack, just gives
               you a better view of the battlefield.
Known problems... 
Quad Cannon button at ArmsDealer is random button graphics or blank, yet you can 
still build it by clicking on it without problems and it comes out fine, so no biggy... I don't 
know how to fix it cause I havn't played with build button editing. Brain said he caused it 
some how. Sure its easy but I don't know where to look.

Versions history

I felt the need to touch the Bradley up a little.. it had a few imperfections on the skin.
The Build button graphic got a new image too!  I wanted to add the spare track treds 
mounted on the front which is a signature Bradley look, for all those that requested it. 
This new skin looks better and the damage skin is all new. 

Completly revamped Bradley
Added custom skin

2.1 patch
Fixed Suicide bomber

Added GLA Airforce
fix blackhawk dots

Created Bradley
Created Blackhawk

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