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Command and Conquer All Stars is a modification which combines all of the command and conquer games into one. If you want to play as GDI, N...


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Command and Conquer All Stars is a modification which combines all of the command and conquer games into one. If you want to play as GDI, Nod, Allies, Soviets, Yuri, USA, China, or GLA, then you have a chance to do so in this total conversion!

These factions are combined down into Three playable sides, which are the Tiberian Coalition, the Red Alert Alliance, and the Generals Elite. In each of these sides, it takes the best of each of the factions units for an ultimate Super Side!

For example, the Tiberian Coalition gets the Mammoth Mk.II, the Flame Tank, Bazooka men, and Harpys. So with all the powerful units to play with what are you waiting for?

And now for the review:

This mod is very well done. Simply put, the graphics aren't up to par with C&C3, but that's because this is for Generals. The textures could use some work on the buildings and new units, perhaps add a bit of detail. However, the code side of this mod is almost perfect. I found no bugs in my testing, and everything works completely as advertised. The only other bad thing I can say is that some units feel unbalanced, but only longer gameplay would make sure of that.

All Stars Team, you have JohnWE's personal commendation on a job well done!

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Download 'allstars_1.0.0.0.zip' (355.51MB)

* Command and Conquer: All Stars                                              *
* Total Conversion Modification for C&C Generals: Zero Hour                   *
* All Stars is officially hosted by                                           *
* - CNC Generals World                                                        *
*   http://www.cncgeneralsworld.com/                                          *
* For comments, questions and support, visit our website                      *
* - All Stars Official Website                                                *
*   http://www.cncgeneralsworld.com/allstars/                                 *

* Version 1.0 Release Notes                                         7/17/2007 *
 * Requires Zero Hour Patch v1.04 
 The All Stars mod requires that your C&C Generals: Zero Hour installation 
 is patched to patch v1.04 prior to mod installation.  The installations of 
 players who have Zero Hour installed as part of The First Decade of C&C 
 compilation pack are already patched to 1.04.
 * Mod Premise
 All Stars aims to settle the debates that Command and Conquer fans have been 
 having for over a decade: What unit is the best? Which storylines are best? 
 Who would win, Apocalypse, Overlord, or Mammoth MKII? Is Tesla technology 
 better than Tiberium weapons? Can the Generals build system stack up against 
 the classic C&C style?

 When the best of the best are thrown into an all out war - when the All Stars 
 battle - what will happen?

 In CnC All Stars, each faction is a series from the C&C universe. The armies 
 of the Global Defense Initiative, the zealots of the Brotherhood of Nod and 
 members of The Forgotten form the Tiberian Coalition. The might of the Soviet 
 Red Army, the wit of the Allies, and the psychic powers of Yuri form the Red 
 Alert Alliance. The high-tech power of the United States, the brute numbers 
 and force of the People's Republic of China and the terrorist tactics of the 
 Global Liberation Army form the Generals Elite.

 What better way to experience the evolution of the series that defined a 
 genre than to bring out its best of the best. 
 The All Stars are ready. Are you? 
 * Known Issues
 -- Playing All Stars online is not supported with The First Decade 
    compilation pack. Due to an oversight by The First Decade's developers, 
    there are incompatibilities between The First Decade (TFD) version of 
    Zero Hour and the non-TFD version of Zero Hour for mods.
 -- Engineers cannot enter unowned neutral structures owned or structures that 
    have already been previously captured with an Engineer. They must instead 
    use the Flag Capture action in such scenarios.
 -- Sometimes aircraft, usually Harpies, play their death animation in an 
    endless loop
 -- Some players may experience issues with the Hunter Seeker Drone
 -- Music fails to play on the credits screen
 -- Prism beams may sometimes curve to hit their targets
 -- Limpet drones can be attached to buildings
 -- Missing GLA Bombtruck "Disguise as Vehicle" CSF string

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