C&C Generals Unofficial Patch

This mod fixes many bugs like the Scud Storm sound bug and increases the damage that Jarmen Kell does to vehicles.


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File Description

This mod fixes many bugs like the Scud Storm sound bug and increases the damage that Jarmen Kell does to vehicles.

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Download 'cnc_generals_unofficial_11.09.zip' (821KB)

======  Short Description  ======

Command and Conquer unofficial version 1.09

Mini Mod for CnC Generals based on version 1.08
Can be used independently without affecting the original installation

Most important changes:
  - Scud Storm fixed
  - Super weapons limited to one per player and faction
  - Nuclear Missile damage radius increased
  - Jarmen Kell damage to vehicles significantly increased
See the full change log below

======  Installation Instructions  ======

- Move the generals1.09.big file into your "...My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Data" folder

- Make a new shortcut to generals.exe or copy an existing shortcut

- Open the properties dialog of the shortcut and add " -mod generals1.09.big" into the target box 
    in the shortcut section. You might also want to add " -quickstart" to skip the intros or " -noshellmap"
    to remove the animated menu background (without the quotes)

- Now if you want to play the mod, use the shortcut you just modified, if you want to play the original game
    use the original shortcut

======  Full Changelog  ======

[Superweapons]  Limited to one per player and faction

[Emergency Repair]  Generals Promotion; Countdown Timer reduced to 3:00 from 4:00

[Prerequisites]  Building construction prerequisites can now be fulfilled by equivalents of other factions; 
    does not work with the Strategy Center and buildings which require either 
    the Strategy Center, the Propaganda Center or the Palace

======  USA  ======

[Ranger]  Cost reduced to 200 from 225

[Raptor]  Cost reduced to 1200 from 1400

[Stealth Fighter]  Damage to buildings increased to 250% from 100%

[Pathfinder]  Shows red weapon traces when on heroic veterancy level (*)

[Detention Center]  Description Text corrected; Countdown timer 2:00 from 3:20 (*)

======  China  ======

[Black Lotus]  Is no longer selected when pressing Q (select all offensive units on the Battlefield)
  Experience gained from stealing cash and capturing buildings increased to 25 from 20
  Veteran level after 100 points from 150
  Elite level after 200 points from 450
  Heroic level after 400 points from 900
[Hacker]  Cost reduced to 600 from 625 (**)
  Veteran level after 4 minutes from 3:20 (that way he will pay off after 4 minutes, 
    just like he did before)
  Elite level after 8 minutes from 10
  Heroic level after 16 minutes from 16:40
  Disable Building ability effect duration increased to 20 seconds from 2
  Collects twice the amount of cash at half the frequency (*) (**)

[Nuclear Missile]  Damage radius increased by 20%
  Major radius to 250 from 210
  Minor radius to 75 from 60
  Damage divided into two separate shockwaves to kill GLA Holes (only near the center of the explosion)

[Propaganda Tower]  Shows Subliminal Message Upgrade cameo (*)

======  GLA  ======

[Jarmen Kell]  Damage to tanks increased to 5% from 1%
  Damage to light vehicles increased to 10% from 1%
  Shows red weapon traces when on heroic veterancy level (*)

[Tunnel Network]  Is now affected by the AP Bullets upgrade

[Stinger Sites]  Cost reduced to 800 from 900

[Salvage Crates]  Always give 50 Cash instead of a random value between 25 and 75

[Scud Storm]  Exploit "fixed" (***)
  Now requires the Palace and the Black Market
  Does now correct damage when fired upon itself
  Shows the Anthrax Beta upgrade cameo (*)

    (*)  No effect on Gameplay
    (**)  Some of the changes might seem useless; i just hate odd numbers ;-)
    (***)  Not as much fixed as hidden, the exploit works again after firing for the first time,
      but the clip reload time is now 5 minutes, so the cheat is pretty much useless.

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