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The creator said it best:

This soundpack is made for Electronic Arts' game Command & Conquer Generals / Zero Hour and replaces most of the sounds with much better ones ingame.

Guns on vehicles and tanks now sound much more impressive when firing, missiles launched give you a haunting feeling like in a real battle and bomb impacts are more terrifying as if you stood beside them.

Especially in big battles the atmosphere is so much more intense and the overall game experience thus is much more enjoyable!

This Pack indeed gives it a better atmosphere, but note that you will have to change the dir of the file if you do not use the default install path.




	Soundpack for C&C Generals Zero Hour V1.04


The default Generals sounds are good as they are clear and plain ... 
But they certainly don't kick ass. ;)

So I've come up with this soundpack which replaces most of the weapon firing 
and gun shooting sounds with much better ones. I haven't even tried to bring 
in more realism into the game - I simply consider them as much more enjoyable!
Especially when you're in big battles the atmosphere is so much more intense!

But go on and see for yourself!

In order to install the pack, just run the exe file, locate your 
C&C Generals/Zero Hour root directory and click the "Install" button.

Default installation path is:
"C:Program FilesEA GamesCommand & Conquer Generals Zero Hour"

If your Generals/Zero Hour installation path differs from this one above,
click the button on the right called "Browse" and locate your Generals/Zero 
Hour root directory and click "Install" afterwards.

The soundpack has been tested in combination with Zero Hour V1.04 and NOT with 
Generals but it may work for normal Generals, too. 

The soundpack has also been thoroughly tested in multiplayer, so it should be
compatible to any players even if they don't have the soundpack.
The SoundEffects.ini apparently won't be recognized as cheat or hacking stuff 
so it is perfectly safe.

Be aware of the fact that I cannot guarantee any compatibility with other 
game modifications since they've got their own files.

If you want to uninstall the soundpack, just delete the "Audio" and "INI"
folder in the "Data" subfolder (located in the CCGZH root directory) and also 
remove this readme file afterwards.

Beware that I won't take any responsibility for damaging your game, system or 
any other bad thing caused by using my sound pack.
There shouldn't really be any problem though so don't be concerned...

Please post any remarks, questions & suggestions regarding the soundpack in the
comments section, I'll regularly check them.

have phun

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