Col Burton's Toughest Mission

This is a single player Generals map read the readme for more details.


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This is a single player Generals map read the readme for more details.

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Map Name: Col Burton's Toughest Mission
Map Author: Sloppy Joe
Mission Author: Matt Wilson
Author's E-Mail Address: [email protected]
Released: July 06, 2003
Map size: 350 x 350
Players: One Player Mission
Skirmish Compatible: No

Credits: The map was originally made by Sloppy Joe, and was for Multiplayer, called: Silenced Voices. Download it at Matt added a little scenery and scripted the mission. Thanks Sloppy Joe!

Map Description: This is a one player mission map.
You're mission will be to destroy the Rebel Nuke and get the medic
back to the American base safely. Fail to achieve either objective and
you will lose.

Extra Comments: If you rescue the downed pilots and or diplomat, you will gain more time before the Nuke is launched. The pilots must all make it to the safe zone at the center of the USA base, via the transport. You can gain more time for each group of pilots and the diplomat. Getting the Diplomat to safety will get you some allied help as well. Your Col Burtons can recruit militia groups. There are several in the game. They look just like the enemy, but if Col Burton gets there first they will join your army. They are hostile until Col Burton gets to them. Use your Col Burtons wisely, it may be your only chance to win this mission.

Directions for Installing: To install this map simply extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file to your \My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Data\Maps\MAPNAME folder on your hard drive. The MAPNAME will of course be the name of this map.

Directions for Playing: Simply choose a solo player skirmish and choose this map.

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