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The main idea of this mod is to make sides more different. 60 new units, 20 new skills, and 30 new upgrades make gameplay very original and...


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The main idea of this mod is to make sides more different. 60 new units, 20 new skills, and 30 new upgrades make gameplay very original and various. -Air Force General. Build defense and make air assault. Planes are cheaper and more powerful. F-117 is good dozer hunter. F-23 is anti-aircraft plane. F-22A "King Raptor" is more effective vs vehicles and less effective vs buildins. To take off structures use Aurora Alpha. Also you can build "Hercules" transports and make infantry paradrop at any time you want. -Laser General. Powerful ground assault faction. There are 3 types of lasers: anti-tank, anti-infantry, and anti-structure. The most of units have one type of these lasers. -Super Weapon General. Build powerful defense line and fire super weapons from behind of it. The most of upgrades are for defense and for buildings. Also there is second super weapon (ICBM launcher). Use particle cannons to take off strong buildings and use ICBM launchers to take off large groups of enemies. -Cybernetic General. The fastest faction in the game. The main power is drones. They are fast and immune to toxins, radiation neutron weapons and Jarmen Kell. The super weapon is tomahawk storm. It have very short reload time (3 min). Speed is power. -Tank General. Everything is for tank assault. Troop Crawlers are not Troop Crawlers ant more. They are support units. You can build one of 5 addons on each of and provide support to attacking Battle Masters. If it does not help then make heavy tank assault with Emperors, Manticores, Earth Shakers and Banshees. All of them are Overlord based super heavy tanks. Under good command they are unstoppable. -Infantry General. The main power is quantity. Build heaps of infantry and research a dozen of upgrades for them. Then begin heavy infantry assault. Explore with fast wheeled tanks and defend placing mines and traps. -Nuke General. Main power is nuclear weapons. The most of units have high firepower and low defense. Also there is no bunkers infantry can hide in. Do not care of defense. The best defense is attack. -Flame General. The main power is flame. Flame is very effective vs buildings. Playing for this general try to avoid enemy tanks and concentrate all firepower on structures. Destroy all enemy buildings and win. -Chemical General. The main power is chemistry. Poisons kill infantry and light vehicles with time. New acid weapons bring damage to tanks and buildigs with time. Silicon clouds bring damage to flying aircrafts with time. Pollute ground and air and see you enemies dying. -Demolition General. The main power is suicide units. Their cost is low and amount of money returned with cash bounty is high. This is the only general that can live without collecting resources. Arsenal of suicide units is large: terrorists, flying terrorists, bomb trucks, nuclear bomb trucks and etc. -Stealth General. Starts with GPS scrambler. The most of units are stealth. So he can be always invisible. The most suitable tactic is hit-&-run. -Assault General. Yet another ground assault faction with tanks, artillery, and fire support aviation.

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Download 'contra003.exe' (16.38MB)

         C O N T R A
 Mod for  Generals: Zero Hour
 current version: 0.03


 1. Description
 2. How to install
 3. History of changes
 4. Credits
 5. Contact information

1) Description

 Contra is a 'standalone' mod - it wont work in conjunction with any other mods 
 and AI patches you may have installed, so remove them before you install it.
 This mod will work with all versions of Generals Zero Hour begining from 1.00

2) Installation

 As a safety measure, you should make a backup of the 'Scripts' folder which can 
 be found in the "Generals Zero Hour\Data" directory. You should restore this 
 backup when you uninstall Contra. This isn't absolutely necessary but it will 
 help to prevent any errors when playing online after you remove the mod.

 Unpack the archive.
 Place Contra.big into "My Documents/Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data/".
 Place into "Generals Zero Hour/Data/Scripts/".

 Then edit Zero Hour shortcut by adding "-mod contra.big" to the end of link.
 For example, I have this link for my computer:

  "C:\Games\Generals Zero Hour\generals.exe" -mod contra.big

 The mod is initially in Russian. If you need English version then place 
 generals.csf file into "Generals Zero Hour/Data/English/". If such folder
 does not exist then you must create it.

3) History of changes

 Version 0.01 Alpha. 
   Very first version. More than 100 new features.

 Version 0.02 Beta.
  Global Changes:
    -Generals Challenge campaigns are available for new generals
    -New options added to menus
    -Lots of bugs fixed
    -Improvements in graphics, sound, interface and etc.
  Air Force general:
    -New unit: Laser Plane
  Laser general:
    -New unit: Omega cannon (artillery)
    -New unit: Armored repair vehicle
    -New unit: APC (instead of humvee)
    -New upgrade: Solar Panels
    -New upgrade: Carbon Lasers
  Cyber general:
    -New unit: Repair drone
    -New skill: Cluster Tomahawk
    -Removed Distorter skill
    -Drone Carrier remaked
  Super Weapon general:
    -New building: Tomahawk Fire Base (instead of normal fire base)
  Nuke general:
    -Added Reactive Shells Upgrade
    -New Overlord addon: Radar
    -New upgrade: Nuclear Bullets
  Flame general:
    -New upgrade: Thermobarical Mixtures
    -New Overlord addon: Tank cannon
    -New Helix addon: Bomb module
  Infantry general:
    -New upgrade: Helix Cluster Bomb
    -New unit: Miner
    -New unit: Wheeled Gattling tank 
    -Bunker being built garrisoned
    -Removed Propaganda Trooper
    -Removed Cannon Troop Crawler
    -Removed Ghost Tank
    -Removed Reactive Shells Upgrade
    -Wheeled tanks move faster
  Tank General:
    -Weak cash hack super power added
    -New upgrade: Automatic Rifles
  All GLA:
    -New unit: S-60 AA gun (for all GLA except chemical general)
    -Command Truck have command field that inscease power of nearbly units
    -Command Truck and Stash Truck can build workers
    -Radar Vans have ECM Pulse ability
    -Removed all Dozers
  Stealth general:
    -New Skill: Pitfall
    -New Jarmen Kell ability: Snipe power link (disable building)
    -Scud Storm is replaced with mobile Scud Launchers (Scud Launchers are 
      small mobile Scud Storms now)
  Assault general:
    -New unit: MiG-19
    -New unit: Battle dozer
    -Addons for Marauder: Gunner and Stinger.
    -Removed I-16
    -Removed Terror Plane
  Demolition general:
    -New unit: Transport Missile
    -New upgrade: Dirty Bomb
    -Removed Demo Suits Upgrade
    -Removed Terror Plane
  Chemical general:
    -New building: Defiler
    -New skill: Chemic Training
    -Removed all airforce and airfield
    -Removed Pollution skill
    -Bikers are available

 Version 0.03 Beta II

  Bugs fixed:
    -Drop pod could not drop anything for Super weapon general
    -Drone paradrop didn't work
    -GLA Supply trucks get invisible
    -Game crushed when using demo general battle bus suicide ability
    -Satellite hack one could be turned on before it is researched
    -More than one Scud Storm could be build playing with super weapon limit
    -Sometimes destroyed vehicle hulks were hanging in air
    -New vehicles had invalid muzzle flashes
    -Incorrect lighting for vehicles (new ones were too bright on night maps)
    -Some vehicles and airplanes had invalid shadows
    -Gattling cannon, Gauss cannon and Gattling tank had no muzzle flashes
    -The famous Scudbug (Scud Storm can be launched before it is ready to strike)
    -Other minor bugs
  Global changes:
    -Buildings can not be sold now
    -Some units and buildings now require rank 3 or rank 5
    -Units don't gain experience destroying unarmed base buildings
    -Ballance corrected
    -Added Blood
    -Trees can be burned and exploded
    -Other minor improvements
  All USA:
    -New drone: Stinger Drone for all USA except Laser General
    -New upgrade: Building Patrol for all USA except Cyber General
    -Vehicles and aircrafts can not eject pilots any more
  Air Force general:
    -New unit: B2 buildable carpet bomber
    -New unit: XJ-33 fighter
    -New Building: Airfield for 8 planes
    -New Building: Special airfield for 2 big planes
    -New Building: Target Designator (defense structure)
    -Defense structures can build drones
    -Can train pilots in barracks
    -Removed Laser Plane
    -Removed Hellfire Drone
    -Removed Medic
    -Removed Pathfinder with AP sniper rifle upgrade
  Cyber general:
    -New drone: Suicide drone
    -New unit: XJ-33 fighter (instead of Raptor)
    -New skill: Advanced sensors
    -Removed Pathfinder
    -Removed Shockwave bomb and MOAB upgrade
    -Cluster Tomahawk skill now have 3 levels
    -Added Sentry drone gun upgrade
  Laser general:
    -New upgrade: Laser sniper rifle (snipers gain ability to shot down missiles)
    -Supply Trucks replaced with Chinooks
    -Laser Strike skill gain bonus from Argon Lasers upgrade
  Super Weapon general:
    -New Building: SDI Cannon (shots down nuclear missiles)
    -New Skill: Defenses training
    -Defense structures are trainable
    -Defense structures can build drones
    -Removed Hellfire Drone
    -Tomahawk fire base can be garrisoned now
    -Emergency Repair can recover structures
    -Pathfinder can disable buildings when upgraded
    -Carpet bombing can be upgraded with EMP bombs and radiation emitter
  Nuke general:
    -Gattling cannon replaced with Retaliator gun (more effective vs tanks)
    -Removed Iron dragon
    -Neutron Shells upgrade now affect MiG-31 instead of MiG-35
    -Nuke cannon can distanty deploy neutron mines (need upgrade first)
  Flame general:
    -New unit: Firefly (tank)
    -New upgrade: Thermobarical Mines (instead of neutron mines)
    -New upgrade: Super powerful disturbances (for ECM tank)
    -Immolator improved. Now it is good vs tanks
    -ECM addon can be built on Immolator and Helix
    -Smerch can distanty deploy mines (need upgrade first)
  Infantry general:
    -New unit: Heavy anti tank infantry
    -New unit: Universal Tank
    -Removed wheeled Battle Master
    -Removed wheeled Dragon Tank
    -Removed wheeled Gattling Tank
    -Removed wheeled ECM Tank
    -Removed Cluster Tank (Nuke Cannon deploy mines now)
    -Soldiers can fire from Helix now
    -Bunker being built empty
    -Hackers can be used in battles. They can disable vehicles.
  Tank General:
    -New unit: Shaitan (super heavy tank)
    -New upgrade: Super powerful disturbances (for ECM tank)
  All GLA:
    -Stinger site soldiers gain experience
    -Rocket buggy is more effective vs tanks and less effective vs infantry now
    -Flak gun weakened and its cost reduced.
  Assault general:
    -New unit: Destroyer (super heavy tank)
    -New skill: GLA Training (all forces become veterans)
    -Jarmen Kell have command ability like Command Truck
    -Added Anthrax Beta upgrade
    -Removed Sneak attack
  Stealth general:
    -New building: Sniper Site
    -New upgrade: Advanced sniper rifle (Snipers gain 5% chance to kill vehicle drivers)
    -New upgrade: Anti radar missiles
    -New skill: GLA Training (all forces become veterans)
    -Can build Scud Storm
    -Removed Anthrax Beta upgrade
  Demolition general:
    -New unit: Mobile mortar (instead of buggy)
    -New unit: Sky Scourge (anti aircraft suicide unit)
    -New Skill: Impairment
    -Added Toxin Shells upgrade
    -Added Flashbang upgrade (for mortar)
    -Removed Flak gun
    -Winged Missile is much more accurate now
  Chemical general:
    -New unit: Mobile mortar (instead of buggy)
    -New unit: Sturm-S (anti tank vehicle)
    -New addon for defense site: Missile Launcher
    -New upgrade: Dust warheads (bonus vs aircrafts)
    -Added Camouflage upgrade (for tanks)
    -Quad cannon remaked. It is missile launcher now.
    -Removed Rocket Truck
    -Defiler is super weapon with unlimited range now.
    -Can build Stinger troopers and stinger bikers.
    -Toxin Rebel is stealth and resistant to infantry weapons.

4) Credits

   -Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov

  Code by:
   -Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov

  Art by:
   -Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov
   -Alexander [Taran] Dedov

  AI programming by:
   -Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov
   -Vadim Yarmolkevich

  Web site by:
   -Eric [Hostile] Edwards

  Thanks to:
   -Chrizz a.k.a. Sever
   -Just West
   -The Hunter
   -Mad Man
   -Dennis vd Wal
   -Nikita [Overlord] Makeyev

5) Contact information

 E-mail:    [email protected]

 Web page:

 Forums:  (English)                              (Russian)

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