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For now check the readme below for more info

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***DP Production in Association with CnC Uprising is proud to present ***
     the first ever User made map for Command and Conquer Generals !

Name : Crash Site
Author: DPsygnet
Size : Small
Climat : Snow
Players : 2
Type : Skirmish & Multiplayer
Shape : Non Symetrical  &  Balanced
Descriptions : A huge Spaceship crashed in the middle of a Canadian village,
               Deploy your base and eleminate your opposent to get this 
               discovery for your contry !

Installation : Extract the FOLDER from the ZIP file Into your 
               Command and Conquer Generals Data\Maps folder situated into your
               My Document folder in your computer. Or extract the folder into your 
               c:\Program Files\EAGames\Command and conquer Generals\maps folder
               Some people can only play them installed in one of thoses way so find what your.

Note from the Author : I'm pretty proud to release the first ever made map for
                       generals :) Keep in mind it's not a rushed map , it's 
                       Very detailed and feature a lot of eyes candy and surprise.
                       A lot of Stragical positions has been made, it'S up to you 
                       to find them and use them against your ennemy. 

Know Issue : This map is perfect ! :) just kidding... In fact there is some little
             texture placement problem but in didn't found any big bugs.

Version2 modifications : Added wind , introduction messages some more cash pile and fixed somes 
                         little graphicals details.

Visit DP Production for more informations and more maps!
Don't forget to sign up in the board, i will use them to choose the beta tester for 
my upcoming maps.

Thanx to CNC Uprising for their wonderful support

Next maps : Abandonned Warfare (4) , CnC Omaha (3) and a surprise mod ;)

                                                         [email protected]

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