Cross Town Tactics

A nicely planned map. Designed for four players it divides up best as a 2vs2 map. The scenery is laid out very nicely, and genu...


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A nicely planned map. Designed for four players it divides up best as a 2vs2 map. The scenery is laid out very nicely, and genuinely looks the part.

Each players command centre is based in the middle of a small town, this does however seriously restrict building options. There are however some small fields located near the bases but this will make base defence difficult.

Will work in Zero Hour but the AI will only work in the original Generals.

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 Readme File:

            Map Name: Crosstown Tactics, Rev. 2.0
            Map Release Date: 27th August, 2003
            Map Author: Dan "PsyJam" Saul
            Author's E-Mail Address:
            Author's Website:
            Map size: 400X400
            Players: 4
            Skirmish Compatible: YES

            Map Description: 

            After seeing the number of times that my previous release of 'Crosstown
Tactics' (a top download at 
  !) had been downloaded,I had to improve upon this map..
In my opinion there were too
            many bugs in the previous version,and so I went through the map with a
fine-toothed comb improving upon 
            everything that I could. The result is Crosstown Tactics, Rev. 2. I kept
the exact same 'feel' of the
            previous version,but I rearranged city buildings, start locations, and
adjusted the textures to really
            bring this map to life. Now this is something that I'm very proud of,
something that i've spent a very
            long time on, and something that I know you'll love.

            * Bases are now more detailed and some buildings have been removed or
repositioned to provide
            space and defensive power.
            * The complete train track has been re-vamped. Look for new buildings
and areas of combat
            along the track.
            * Every player has another oil derrick to capture.
            * I have attempted to bring more action to the corners of the map.
            * This map is a challenge to win in skirmish mode, and is a blast for
            * As for the other features.... you'll have to find them yourself!

            I hope you enjoy it! Email comments and suggestions to

            Installation Notes:

            Just unzip to c:\my documents\command and con...\maps directory.

            Special Thanks:
            *Dave "Burns" Hraynyk, for supplying a fast computer for me to
edit the map with. And also for adding some minor details to the map.
            *Canada's Ultimate Gaming Group, "Northern Warriors". Est.
1998, they remain the best clan that ever existed, with the best talent
pool available in 
            North America. Please visit their website. ( New
members always welcome!
            *The Command and Conquer Den ( for their great
WorldBuilder tutorials, constant up-to-dateness, and friendly community.
            *'Dusty', the author of 'Desert Delight' - provided ideas for inital
text scripting.

            In Parting:
            *Please do not copy this map and claim it as your own, ok? I don't get
paid for this, and I barely even recieve comments thru
            email, so don't be a jerk and claim authorship. Actually, seeing as I've
recieved more junk email than anything as a result
            of making my email public, it would be nice to hear from you guys once
and a while. Let me know if you think it needs improving,
            or let me know if you really enjoy my map - put a smile on a guys face,
would ya? :)

            Until next time!

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