Crosstown Tactics

Players: 4 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: 8 Oil Refineries: 2 Hospitals: None Supply Docks: Average Supply Piles: None Civilian Buil...


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Players: 4 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: 8 Oil Refineries: 2 Hospitals: None Supply Docks: Average Supply Piles: None Civilian Buildings: A lot Bunkers: Few

This is a 4 player temperate map. Each player starts of with the same amount of resources, two oil derricks and a supply dock. The design is great, it is not boring at all and has a lot of unique things in it. There is a train in middle and it actually stops and 'pretends' to drop people off. A very good point is that the map is not symmetrical, every player has something unique and different from the other start positions. The terrain is alternating and has lots of changes. Even the map has temperate clima there are two hills with some snow on them. I played it on brutal with two teams and it sure was very challenging. I almost lost ;). The author did an excellent job on this map and it really is a download worth!!:agreed:

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Map Name: Crosstown Tactics
Map Release Date: 14th April, 2003
Map Author: Dan "PsyJam" Saul
Author's E-Mail Address: [email protected]
Author's Website:
Map size: 400X400
Players: 4
Skirmish Compatible: YES

Map Description: 

Well, here it is folks.  My most recent map.  Throughout it's design and conception, 5 very important points were considered:

a) It has to be playable for 1vs1 play, 2vs2 play, and every-person-for-themself play.
b) It has to be a challenge in skirmish mode - no easy rides.
c) It has to be realistic, unique, tested, and well-designed.
d) It has to have good replay value.
e) It can't be completely symmetrical - each player deserves something unique, without gaining an advantage.

And I believe that I have succeeded in attaining all of these goals.  "Crosstown Tactics" is a map where two towns will stage a battle
of epic proportions.  Each player has 2 oil derricks close by and 1 supply dock that can be considered 'theirs'.  Outside of each immediate town 
are two other supply docks located precariously near an active train station - you'll need to battle it out to gain its control.  There are also two
oil refineries, located in the NE and SW corners of the map - again, you'll probably have to battle it out to gain control.

*Try as I might, I couldn't remove all instances of 3-texture blends.  As a result, some areas have the tell-tale 'blocky' texture.
*Although there are towns, there are no civilians.  This is on purpose.  The map contains approx. 2,500 objects, and doesn't need to be cluttered with 
 any more.  If mass destruction is your thing, don't worry, there's enough buildings to get your fix.
*The 'disembark' waypoints of the train path seem "off the mark" - hopefully you don't find this too be too distracting.
*I have personally beat this map, with difficulty on brutal mode, as the USA, GLA, and Chinese.

I hope you enjoy it! Email comments and suggestions to [email protected]

Installation Notes:

Just unzip to c:\my documents\command and con...\maps directory.

Special Thanks:
*Dave "Burns" Hraynyk, for supplying a fast computer for me to edit the map with.  And also for adding some minor details to the map.
*Canada's Ultimate Gaming Group, "Northern Warriors".  Est. 1998, they remain the best clan that ever existed, with the best talent pool available in 
 North America.  Please visit their website.  ( New members always welcome!
*The Command and Conquer Den ( for their great WorldBuilder tutorials, constant up-to-dateness, and friendly community.  Cheers!

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