Dreadly Pastures

This map which is based on mountainous terrain is for 4 players in combat. The maps bases are well spaced out and requires you to venture aw...


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This map which is based on mountainous terrain is for 4 players in combat. The maps bases are well spaced out and requires you to venture away to discover all of the secreats of the map.

Players:4 Ai Enabled:Yes Supply Docks :Many Supply Piles:Many Oil Dericks:None Oil Refineries :Some Civilian Buildings:None Hospitals:None Bunkers:None

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Download 'dreadly_pastures.zip' (456KB)

Map Name : Dreadly Pastures
Players : 4
Size : 373x373
Game : C&C Generals
Release Date : 04/17/03
Created By : ZHaDuM (John Burzenski) 
Contact : [email protected]
Game modes : Skirmish or Online. 

Dreadly Pastures is a 4 player, highly detailed, unsymmetric map and my first created using the ckmpDEM terrain building tool.  Players start surrounded by mountains but must venture outwards to gain mass amounts of wealth.  At the middle of four main pathways you will find a respawning $100 crate that will reappear every 10 game seconds making these very hot and valuable spots to be.  Rumors tell of good amounts of wealth to be found up in the mountains early in the game as well!    

Dreadly Pastures is my ninth map for C&C Generals and was designed for online or skirmish play.  This map is best played in teams 1v1 or 2v2 mode.  I had originally planned on including RVMECH's "Almost Human AI" but since this map has about 4500 items and has highly detailed terrain, I decided to leave it out.  If you are interested in the improved AI version (requires very high end PC!) let me know and I'll try to send it to ya via e-mail.  Consider that a little bonus because I know very few people read these files!  

Comments : I appreciate all and any comments you may have about my maps.  All suggestions will be considered for future maps as well as possible tournament versions of already released maps. Please include a screenshot if possible with any texture or pathway errors.  Send your comments to [email protected]   

Mod Makers : I'm looking to do some maps and learn the mod making ways. So if you have a decent mod underway and you like my style, send me an e-mail. All offers will be considered. 

Directions for playing: To use this map, look in your computer for a folder named C:/My Documents/Command 
and Conquer Generals data/Maps (Or wherever your "My Documents" folder is stored).  Extract the COMPLETE FOLDER included in the map zip file in the C:/My Documents/Command and Conquer Generals data/Maps.  You should have a folder for each map installed into this directory.  Fire up the game and you should be good to go. Look for the map in the Unofficial Maps section. 

If your playing online you can use the map if you serve.  The map will be transfered to the other 
players before the game starts. 

Webmasters you have permission to host this map on your websites download section. I just ask that you send me an e-mail once its posted if I have not specifically sent you the map. Thanks!     


"Surprise. You're Dead. Guess What?! It never ends..." 


(This map was made by ZHaDuM and is copyrighted 2003. You may use it for personal and online battle only.)

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Dreadly Pastures

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