Faster Menus for Generals and Zero Hour

fastermenus4gen_and_zh.zip —


This quick tweak modifies the menus in Generals and Zero Hour so that they respond instantly, rather than have you wait for the menu to appear (this is due to the effect they were aiming for in the title screen).

What this is good for basically is to speed up your transitions between the options, single-player, skirmish, and MP and get straight down to business. It personally has never bothered me, but I know it has for some of you.



What it does:
It is annoying to have to wait for the menus to appear when you want to quickly
start playing or quickly exit from Generals / ZH. Here are mods to speed up the
user interface by setting all the menu delays to zero. This is set in

How to Install:
Inside the zip file are 2 BIG files, 0FasterMenusZH.big and 0FasterMenusGen.big

Put 0FasterMenusGen.big in
C:Program FilesEA GamesCommand & Conquer Generals

Put 0FasterMenusZH.big in
C:Program FilesEA GamesCommand & Conquer Generals Zero Hour

This is best used with the command line parameter -quickstart so that you skip
the intro video and use no shell map. Waiting for the shell map to load is a
big waste of time. Your shortcuts for starting the game should be changed to target:

"C:Program FilesEA GamesCommand & Conquer Generalsgenerals.exe" -quickstart

"C:Program FilesEA GamesCommand & Conquer Generals Zero Hourgenerals.exe" -quickstart

Put the -quickstart outside the closing inch marks.

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