Frozen Path

A Good 2-4 player map by Roman Pankov


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A Good 2-4 player map by Roman Pankov

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Author: Roman Pankov.
Address: [email protected]
Editor: FinalAlert 2.
Created: 22.5.05
Last Mod: 25.5.05.
Name: Frozen Path.
Size: 100*110.
Players: 2-4.
Theater: Snow.
Info: this find desgined especially for long team battles in the frozen snow, each base has 2 bridges except two players, each bridge is easy defendable with 2 bunker(that u can repair them!!=).
u will have alot of GEMS that located of a cliff near to ur base, with very narrow space to move make sure u protect your ore miners.
The AI will try to harvest all the gems before u and take advantage of the cliff, the high of it to build there a lot of defenses.
Well, have fun with the map and don't forget it cold out there=).

Additional Credits: i would like to thank to Nuke34r14 for his help to fix some corrupt textures and tillities, he helped me very much without him there was an serious textures bugs, well thank you very much man!!!!!!!
u can also download his map from the raden site, excellent map!!!.

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