Black Sheep - The Lost Mission



In celebration of Generals' 6th anniversary, EA put a single player mission up the official website, which was cut from the main game due to the political situation at time of release. It actually would have been the third GLA mission, which involves transforming a village and its inhabitants to goo with the aid of toxin tractors- Their souls have to be purged from the bane that is Western propaganda!

So, raise your glasses today and celebrate this anniversary with us, playing this special and rare mission.



Installing "Black Sheep" is exactly the same as loading a custom player-made map. Please follow these instruction to install this map.

1. Open the compressed folder (.zip file) of the Black Sheep download.

2. Extract all the files to your Generals Maps data folder. This folder is located in your My Documents folder.

    * The maps data folder is My DocumentsCommand and Conquer Generals DataMaps
          o On Windows 2000/XP systems, the complete path to the folder varies. The basic path is always: C:Documents and Settings[User Name]My DocumentsCommand and Conquer Generals DataMaps where [User Name] is your Windows login user name.

3. Each compressed folder (.zip file) should already contain a folder of the same name as that of the map you downloaded. Thus, when you extract the folder, a new folder of that name should be created inside of the Maps folder.

4. Start up Generals, go into Skirmish and select Unofficial Maps. The map you just downloaded should now be listed. The map portrait icon should be a "?". Select your AI setting and fire away General!

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