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Green Cross

green_cross.zip —


Green Cross is an eight player map very similar to other maps such as Whiteout or Forest Avalanche, it's a basic and straight forward map.

Detail- Ground textures are very good here, roads and different shades of grass compliment the whole map. The town in the center of the map is well made, and boasts fabulous detail in streets, buildings, and cars. Well textured cliffs and hills also make this a quality map.

Game play- Use the same strategies as you would on other eight player maps. The only change in the map is the middle where it is covered with garrisionable buildings and supply docks. Getting in the middle and keeping all supply docks is key to victory in this map. No choke points are present, all the battles are in big, open areas.

If you liked Whiteout and Forest Avalanche, then you'll like Green Cross as well.



October 2007

:: Green Cross (by General_Specific) ::


This is a map for Generals Zero Hour which can hold 2-8 players
(human and/or AI). Afternoon setting, usual town in the middle
(along with supply docks and derricks); nothing out of the ordinary.
This map is based on the standard 8-player maps that you usually
see in the game (eg. Whiteout, Fortress Avalanche, Destruction
Station, etc).


Extract the entire folder to your "Maps" folder in My Documents.

Eg: C:\Documents and Settings\Ale\My Documents\Command and
Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps

Afterwards, play a skirmish game and check the Unofficial
Maps section. It should be there.

Contact Info

billy_gun4 at yahoo dot com

... Spam me and you'll have the FBI at your back within 5 minutes.

Special Thanks to:

- Filefront and the mapping community (I learned by viewing your
  work and reading your tutorials. Thanks!)
- EA Games (... Hey, someone's gotta thank em.')
- Jesus
- ... and to you for downloading my map in the first place. Enjoy.

Copyrighted by General_Specific

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