Hilltop Town



Hilltop Town is a slightly bland, eight player map for Zero Hour that may have some wanting more.

Detail- Hilltop Town has a very barren landscape, as expected by a desert. The ground is mostly flat and the ground textures are just ok. It has a town in the middle of the map, it's quite small and bypasses many bridge entrances. Surrounding the city is a trench that has valuable tech buildings like Oil Derricks. The detail here is poor, but it's understandable due to the fact its a desert map.

Game play- Nothing new is here in game play. There are very wide flanks, and choke points along the map. Along bridges, bunkers guard the entrances of bases from enemies. Not much to say in this category, just another average eight player map.

If you like to play huge eight player maps then this map will be fun and interesting to you; but for anyone else playing four player or lower, just choose another map.



September 2007

:: Hilltop Town (by General_Specific) ::


This is a map for Generals Zero Hour which can hold 2-8 players
(human and/or AI). Desert afternoon setting, a town in the middle
to tear apart, bridges and ramps to enter or leave the base,some
garrisonable bunkers by most of the entrances, and a number of tech
buildings too (derricks and refineries in particular).


Extract the entire folder to your "Maps" folder in My Documents.

Eg: C:\Documents and Settings\Ale\My Documents\Command and
Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps

Afterwards, play a skirmish game and check the Unofficial
Maps section. It should be there.

Contact Info

billy_gun4 at yahoo dot com

... Spam me and you'll have the FBI at your back within 5 minutes.

Special Thanks to:

- Filefront and the mapping community (I learned by viewing your
  work and reading your tutorials. Thanks!)
- EA Games (... Hey, someone's gotta thank em.')
- Jesus
- ... and to you for downloading my map in the first place. Enjoy.

Copyrighted by General_Specific

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