Imperial Assault v0.82 Patch

This is the patch for Imperial Assault v0.8 and should fix some of the bugs and add a few features needed.


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This is the patch for Imperial Assault v0.8 and should fix some of the bugs and add a few features needed.

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Download 'iav082_patch.rar' (939KB)

"General Ryan's Patch"
Star Wars: Imperial Assault v0.82 Patch 

**This Patch REQUIRES SW:IA v0.80 to be already installed.**

CHANGES from IA v0.80:
- Jedi Can Detect Stealth
- SE-VAS Beacon can Detect Stealth
- Lowered Vision and Stealth Detection Range of probot
- Timers added to Y-Wing Strike and TIE Bomber Strike
- Formation sizes adjusted for Y-Wing Strike and TIE Bomber Strike
- Shield Shortcut Button created
- Damage decreased for Loratus Proton Torpedo Launcher Weapon 
- T4-B Locomotor Corrected to Move and Turn slower
- A-Wing Weapon adjusted to require "RETURN_TO_BASE" to reload clip
- Matched designated texture name in Proton Bomb detonation particle effects to its actual texture name (to get rid of weird purple squares)
- T1-B Hovertank Locomotor adjusted so that T1-B can hover over water
- Can create only 1 Jedi at a time
- Modified JediHero CommandSet to exclude RebelRifleman abilities
- Rebel Shield Generator Geometry rotated to match model
- YT1300 unit created (not buildable)
- Modified supply drop OCL so that YT-1300 (millenium falcon ship) flies over
- Created ImperialTaxCenter Commandset
- Modified the Sith Warrior 
- Rebel Trooper and Rifleman can now capture buildings (finally)
- Added 3 new Large Fantasy-like trees from BFME for mapping (under CIVILIAN_IA > STRUCTURE)
- Laser Oil Drill now doesn't disappear when captured

Simply extract the files inside this rar file into your default Zero Hour directory, which is the following for most:
C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour
It should ask you to replace many files-- replace every one ("Yes to All"). If it does not ask you this, you do not have IAv0.80 installed or you are extracting the patch files to the wrong directory.


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