Iraqhistan (GLA) shellmap

iraqhistan_gla_shellmap.zip —


This is a shellmap I made from my popular multiplayer-map "iraqhistan". As you can see on the screenshot there's a Jarmen Kell standing on one of the mountains with a cammo net. He's watching over the oil dericks and the village where here and there units appear and do stuff, but you can see that for yourselves :) It's highly inspired by the USA, China and GLA Theme shellmaps I think they're from the same author whose name I dont know. Have fun with that shellmap :)



Irqahistan (GLA) shellmap

how to install:
simply put the ShellMapMD.map into the folder (you might have to create it) 
EA Games/Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour/Maps/ShellMapMD/
The shellmap will now appear as a background for your ZeroHour menu.

some info:
author: Kampy
made: 05/22/08

This is part of a multiplayer map which I recommend to everyone.
You can download it and other maps at www.kampys-stuff.de

Multiplayermap "Iraqhistan" direct download: www.kampys-stuff.de/maps/Iraqhistan.rar

Do not: sell or change this map without my permission.
Also do not add this to any mods without my permission.

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