Iraqi Genocide

This GLA mission recreates the 1988 event in which the Iraqi government, directed by Saddam Hussein, developed a new weapon: the famous BOMB...


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This GLA mission recreates the 1988 event in which the Iraqi government, directed by Saddam Hussein, developed a new weapon: the famous BOMB CARBUNCLE, and decided to send their first model of that bomb on the village of Alabja in territory of Iraqi Kurdistan. In this mission your tasked with taking out the anti-aircraft defenses (the sites stingers) so the Iraqi army can fire this new bomb.

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To create this chart I took as a starting point real facts, (I cannot however guarantee to you are authenticity).  
In 1988 the Iraqi government, directed by Saddam Hussein which had developed a new weapon: the famous BOMB CARBUNCLE, had to decide to send their first model on the village of Alabja in territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, previously the Kurdish people this rebelled vis-a-vis with the Iraqi mode, which had made more than 5000 civil dead.

It is not because I wanted to create this scenario that this act approves, It is right because I like to assemble stories which really occurred,The Iraqi army does not have a weapon bacteriological and chemical because they did not carry out suffisament tests yet If the enemies Na not of tank it is because Kurdistan officially does not produce any,I wanted that this chart remains most faithful possible to the conflict in question, It is all the same of a difficulty to the top of the average, good luck.

- Objective of the mission: 

To destroy the anti-aircraft defences, (the sites stingers, to allow has the Iraqi armies of éffectuer their first test with the famous bomb of carbuncle).


Other charts which I have create are downloadable on the site: 

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A new chart that I have create with a friend should be downloadable almost at the same time as IRAQI GENOCIDE, it is entitled: TO SAVE BEN - LADEN, which should make fury, IA to push well,the scenario occurs after made an attempt of September 11, 2001 when the American forces arrives to Afghanistan, has the tracking of the members of halkaida, the objective is to allow has Ben laden to reach the Pakistani border in life, who hides while waiting for your assistance in mountains Afghan, intensive bombardment I pass from there and from best, (highly to recommend).
I always endeavour to return my charts most faithful possible to the réaliter of his conflict, IRAQI GENOCIDE was creates in approximately 3 week, much of patience was necessary, I espére which will like to you, I thank JOUEURFOU for are assistance has the design of this chart, all comment or question AND ESPECIALLY TO SEND YOUR REPLAY ABOUT OUR CHART I INCLUDED/UNDERSTOOD ON GENOCIDE IRAQI On the address: [email protected]

- Assistance for better finishing this map, (to be read only if you to encounter difficulties ) :

At the beginning of the mission during the sequence which explains you the situation if you to observe to you voyer well a jeep enemies which flees after you to see arriving, this jeep goes in made warn your enemies of your extremely unpleasant presence,what will result in to see arriving of the forces enemies very quickly, therefore silk loan to defend you almost of entry of play,your enemies will come mainly from the east, made attention because the dunes on your line could give heights favorable of attack to the adversary, that is to say you to station of the units on its dunes so that you have his heights favorable your to dimension,or is you to remain in défence has to wait until the enemies if locates on the flat ground before the dunes to give distances from attack equal to recommend. I strongly disadvise to you seeking to develop your base too quickly,build your building when you feel that the adversary does not send a force to you in the immediate future for example after a confrontation to gain and silk on having enough forces to defend your base before building building to advance more, it in would be made stupid to seek built quickly a trafficker of weapons followed of a palate so then you voyer of the enemy forces to come to embank you whereas you to carry out that some unit of additional infantry creates before in your barracks would have to avoid a defeat,because your adversary is rather aggressive. Once that you will have a mobile radar you découvrirer that the sites stringers has to destroy does not find well far from your starting position, the only problem is that the access path is truffée of piéges explosive,There is enfaîte a place or the adversary Na not to pose a piége, it is the way which you voyer in the north of your driving starting position towards the east, it is enfaîte the way that the jeep of L ' intro has to use to warn your enemies of your presence,This way will go down then towards the south do not go down to continue towards the east you will assemble a hill and will see the sites stringers in questions, when you decide to tackle the sites stringers you pourrer to freely move you northern south on this hill to fill your objective.Will be able that a rush is quasi impossible, to summarize some to finish it is mission take your time, with three mobile launcher scud or the buggys rocket launchers to destroy the site stringers one leave one, and a battalion has before destroying the forces which attacks you.To advance each time when you feel that there is no immediate attack, small with small, if you to follow the letter this help has should not have too problem to you to finish this mission.


Will be able what your adversary Na not technology necessary to build Pourquoi tanks? Because Kurdistan officially does not produce any,it has mainly troops of infantry, but has important improvements on the other hand, the built enemy even are armed to him but also from time to time receive reinforcements of outside.


- JEEP, 


Creator RAF , my mail is : [email protected]

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