Kuwait Craters

Large four player map. There are some oil derricks in pits surrounded by water so for the most part they're useless because they're hard t...


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Large four player map. There are some oil derricks in pits surrounded by water so for the most part they're useless because they're hard to get to. You are really limited by resources on this map, so good luck.

Players: 4 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: Few Oil Refineries: Few Hospitals: Few Supply Docks: Few Supply Piles: Some Civilian Buildings: Few Bunkers: None

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Author: Hogmark ([email protected])
URL: www.hogmark.com/generals
Date: 2003-03-26

This map is part of Minken's Skirmish Pack for Command & Conquer Generals
Five 4-player skirmish maps by Hogmark ([email protected])
Created with WorldBuilder 0.8 Ā© Electronic Arts Inc.
These maps can be downloaded at www.hogmark.com/generals

Unzip to your Command & Conquer Generals Maps folder
(My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Data\Maps)


* About
I don't remember how this map started out, but it never felt like a good one. The slopes 
surrounding the bases feel a bit too steep and un-natural, and it's hard to navigate your 
troops in the middle. There is plenty of building space though. 

* Layout
Quite large base areas with three entrances. Some civilian buildings stand between you and 
your closest enemies. Capture them to hold them off. There are civilian cars as well for 
suicide bombers. The middle part consists of five crater lakes with small islands on the 
bottom. There is a skyscraper and some other buildings around the central crater.

* Supplies
As usual, I've addeed one supply dock and some smaller supply piles nearby each starting 
position. Some extra supplies have been placed towards the middle. There are two hospitals 
and two oil refineries along the sides of the map. The middle parts hold deep craters where 
oil derricks and supplies can be found. For your eyes only? The treasures in the craters 
won't be captured unless you send in paratroops or terrorist ambushs. This is intended 
though. Only USA will be able to harvest the supplies in the central crater.

* AI
I have not tested this map a lot since I don't like it. Last time I did it I lost against 
two computers although I was playing pretty well. Since it is hard to cover all entrances, 
GLA troops can blast into your base and attack anything that moves. Oil refineries and 
hospitals are captured by the computer, but the crater oil derricks are out of range, 
something the computer cannot figure out himself...

Feel free to distribute this map any way you like!
You download and install this map at your own risk.
Comments or suggestions to: [email protected]


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