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The Mapper's Guild is a group of mappers from E-studios dedicated to producing quality...


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The Mapper's Guild is a group of mappers from E-studios dedicated to producing quality maps for C&C games. They mainly make maps form Vanilla Zero Hour and C&C Shockwave (which adds some new tech buildings and other objects, download 0.93 here). You can visit the Mapper's Guild forum here.

This is the first map pack for Shockwave mod made by the Guild. You will need the 0.93 version of Shockwave to play these maps, as they contain some new objects. See the above link for Shockwave download.

The map pack contains 5 maps:

-Sand Island, by E.V.E. -Icy Waters, by Crazykenny -Relentless Desert, by Lord Atlantis -The Core, by Lord Atlantis -Sand, Cities and Canyons, by Crazykenny

Sand island (2 players):

The Theme is simple, it´s a Island full of Sand like the Name says. The Players are surrounded of Water and Beaches. Each Player has got 2 Supply Stashes to start with, but there are 2 Oil Derricks in the bottom left, and upper right Corner of the Map to capture. The big Combat Zone will be the Middle. Here you can capture a Oil Reffinery and a Reinforcement Pad. There is still some space arround the Land so People can preform Sneak-Heli attacks.

Icy Waters (2 players): This is a winter themed map. The players are separated by a river, but you can cross it via a land bridge.

Relentless Desert (8 players):

An open 8 player desert map with a middle containing many tech structures and empty mantis tanks, surrounded by 4 warfortresses.

The Core (2 players): The map contains nuclear facilities along with a ravaged and desolated town in the middle of a Nuclear Winter.

Sand, Cities and Canyons (2 players): A large middle eastern city, divided by a canyon. You can cross by bridges across the canyon.

I highly recommend trying out these maps, as they are very good quality. We should see more maps coming soon from the Mapper's Guild, so stay tuned!

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