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Middle East Conflict

middle_east_conflict.zip —


A damned fine map if ever I saw one. For me it goes right up there with Tour of Eygpt and Iraq map. Although to my knowledge not based in any specific area this map has a realistic feel to it.

I won't say too much as it will spoil the surprise for you but suffice to say that you'll find new uses for the dozers and workers on this map.

Players: 4 Ai Enabled: Yes Bunkers: Several Supplys: Lots Oil Derricks: Several oil refineries: some Civilian buildings: Plenty Hospitals: One Surprise: Plenty :P



*************Installation Instructions*************

1 - Unzip the contents of this folder.
2 - Place the unzipped folder (The folder that contains the .TGA and .MAP file) 
into your My Documents/C&C Generals/Maps directory
*************Map Information*************

Name: Middle East Conflict
Creator: Cron ([email protected])
Players: 2 to 4
Supplies: Heavy
Description: Middle East Conflict with a Twist Dont trust the Cillvians just like in Real life nice Mini city Great Rush map or For the BAse builder's
i left lots of room so that u can Spread your base out The way u wish. Lots of space so u can make a base bigg enough to take some nukes,Scud's,Laser beams
And still Beable to Win i made the map to be played against the GLA as america,China The bottom left is the best spot for a good fight agianst sadam's army 
lol i Mean GlA Lots of money lots of oil support's 4 players multi player skirmish best played one on one Any idea's or suggestion's don't Fear the email 
Addy it will not lag u down let me what u think Thanx in Advance Injoy:P   

Can be used in multi player and skirmish 

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