Night Raid



Slightly unlogical spawn points since the area to the left or right of the base is protected by surrounding water. I´d suggest you build your base towards the left (where you´ll find a good amount of Supply Pile´s), nice map! :thumbsup:

Night Raid Players: 2 Oil Derricks: 2 Oil Refineries: 0 Hospitals: 2 Supply Docks: 4 Supply Piles: Lots Bunkers: Few Civilian Buildings: None

Props to generalsfactory!



With the permission of the author, GeneralsFiles.com has posted the 5 files of this map pack seperately.
GeneralsFiles.com has also collected the info and taken a good screenshot showing the base, extra´s and supply locations.
www.generalsfiles.com - We stand out!

Below is the original ReadMe.txt as included with the map pack.

[1] Introduction-
My online name is DthSyth17 and this is my first map pack,I have put in hours of work 
inorder to construct this 5 map pack. The following maps are found in this Pack,
[Desert Fury],[Treacherous Tides], [Combat Arena],[Deadly Skies] and [Night Raid].
I hope you enjoy playing these maps as much as I
enjoyed putting it together for all you C&C Generals fans out there.Visit C&C Generals
for the latest on news,mods,maps and much more!

[2] Set up-
1.) Unzip the folder named Map Pack to your desktop and open it.
2.) Copy the Folders inside the Map Pack folder to Command And Conquer Generals Data/
Maps. Paste The 5 folders found in the Map pack folder in there. The
Command And Conquer Generals Data folder is usually located in your documents folder.
3.) After you have copy and pasted the folders into the Maps folder start up Generals
and select "Un official Maps".
4.) Set your teams and enjoy =).

[3] Credits-
I would like to thank EA for putting all their hard work into C&C Generals , it came 
out excellet, GJ guys. I would also like to thank the staff members of Generals Factory
for all their patience and helping me with certain aspects of this map pack.Thanks
everyone , couldn't have done it without you =D.

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