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First off I want to ask n5p29 to forgive me that it has taken two weeks to get this online. There has been nothing but troubble with the files recently.

Anyways, to put it short and simple: This is a great improvement to the previous MOD. The mod feels more fluid and balanced so I'd suggest a download to all NProjects MOD users.

NPROJECT MOD VERSION 2.4 README How to install this mod: 1. Extract the ZIP file 2. Copy the [00nproject.BIG] file to "Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data" folder in your "My Documents" directory 3. To play the NProject Mod, use the included shortcut file (NProject Mod.lnk) 4. If you want to play normal Zero Hour, use the original shortcut in the Start Menu

If you have the previous NProject mod version, just replace the old [00nproject.BIG] file with the new one.

Make sure there is no other mod installed. Two or more mods conflicting each other. Except you used the mod manager.


- Added four new maps. The missing Armored Fury and Scorched Earth map from the classic Generals, and unused Brige Busters and Swiss MP maps. All in ZH version. - Remove the EA logo and the intro movie at the start - Chinese Spy Plane ability now available, replacing the Internet Center Satellite Scan ability - GLA Demo Drop Generals Power now available - SupplyDropZone exploit cheat fixed! - Rebalanced Aurora Alpha weapon that too much reduced in version 2.3 (thanks to Wolverine81 at CnCFiles for the report) - Fix Laser Ranger that sometimes attack with flashbangs when the upgrade haven't purchased yet - Fix the Demolition General Suicide ability issue that not allow you to detonate more than one unit in a time - Fix Demolition General Battle Bus suicide death animation and undetonated suicide weapon - All tech buildings now can be disabled by microwaves or EMPs - Rebalanced AirForce General aircraft PDL (prevent chinook defense laser sheild) - Fix all Helix model that show the bunker expansion when heavily damaged - Fix missing gattlings and quad weapons muzzle flash when those units attacking ground units - Fix Speaker Tower and Boss General Command Center model that show the wrong house colors - Fix Laser General Barracks that shown unbuildable Mortar - Makes BIG rocks can't be cleared by builds - Improved Patriot Missile, ICBM Launcher, and Tomahawk Storm animations - New USA Barracks and Super Hacker cameos - House color fixes on cameos (e.g. Scorpion Tank colored green instead red) - Radar Van hide its radar tower until the Radar Van Scan upgrade purchased - Balances for Avenger, Gattling Tank, Humvee, and Quad Cannon armors - Balances for Marauder weapon at the second salvage upgrade - More balances for all Fake Structures - Now Stinger Soldiers also spill bloods when shot by bullets - You need a Propaganda Center instead War Factory to build Internet Center - Satellite Hack I upgrade now provides radar - Satellite Hack II reveal interval increased to 5 minutes to balancing the new Spy Plane ability - New skin for Infantry General Super Lotus and Super Hacker - New heroic Microwave Tank weapon appearance - Sentry Drone no longer immune to poisons - Rebalanced Chemical Suits armor bonus - Improved all kind of Carpet Bomb special powers efficiency - Makes Toxin Demo Trap detonate at normal speed like its cousins - The '_test new units' map now better, larger, with more objects, with complete science - ShellMap returned to the original, but the mod's ShellMap available as an add-ons and can be used for normal Zero Hour.

Any question? post it here, or email me at [email protected]


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