Nuclear Vacation



Colonel Burton is on vacation to visit his grandma, once he gets there. His grandma comes to talk to him and she has a problem. The Chinese Army has build a Nuclear Power Plant down the road, and now she can’t sleep anymore because of the green radioactive glowing in the sky. She wants her young grandson, Colonel Burton, to destroy the Nuclear Plant so she can sleep in peace again.



*************Nuclear Vacation****************************************
General Information:

MapType          : Single-Player
MapName          : Nuclear Vacation
Version          : 1.0 BETA
Game             : Command and Conquer Generals : Zero Hour
Game Version     : 1.04
Author           : Basti504
Publication Date : 1-4-2006

**Mission Briefing

(If you think about the story you will think. "If he destroys the 
Nuclear Plant there will be hundreds of miles spread with 
radio active shit". But I can’t think of a better story than this and I 
like it this way.)


*A nice small single-player map
*An intro - mid - end movie scripted
*Some custom music tracks (only in the movies, so don't worry :) )
*Some nice little traps to fall in.


Please follow the following steps to play this mission :

- Unzip this package, so you can read this file.

- Place the map called "Nuclear Vacation" in your map folder, usually:
C:\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps\

- Place "AANVM.big" and "ZNVM.big" in your Zero Hour installation folder, usually:
C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\ or if you have
The First Decade installed, place in the root map of C&C Zero Hour.
(a little note here : The BIG files only contain the Music.ini and the 
Custom tracks, it will not destruct your installation, if you want to delete
the mission, just delete the 2 BIG files and the map folder.)

- Now it's playable from the Skirmish menu.

**Known bugs

- The camera sometimes looks trought the grond, I minimized it, but sometimes
still happands

- If Col. Burton knives a Chinese they sometimes begin to shot at each other, I don't 
know or it's a bug or a feature, you choose :) . 


If you have problems with this map, please post them on my forum 
( no registration required) or send me an E-Mail.
If you want help with mission or a walktrought please visit my forum.

Website (Dutch) : http://members.home.nl/harry.bastiaansen/PC-Ware/
Forum           : http://pcware.jconserv.net/viewforum.php?f=10
Email           : harmbastiaansen <AT> hotmail <DOT> com

**Legal Stuff

You may do everything with this map, edit it yourself, but please note my 
name somewhere in the ReadMe file. You may host and spread it every
where you want.

** Special Thanks To:

- Myself for making this map :).
- Dr.Zwa for testing it.
- The CNCDEN Forums for the usefull topics (http://forums.cncden.com/index.php).
- Every one who host in on the internet.
- And to every one who played it or edited it.

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