Operation Desert Snake



Fellow site members,

Here is another nice Zero Hour map to play on. My judgment about it follows:

I'd like to start with some basic things, this maps supports 3 players and has a desert/urban theme. And in my experience the AI didn't work. I could have done something wrong here so let me know if the AI did work with you in the comment box, I tried the map 2 times, and the AI refuses to build or do anything in that matter. Kinda disappointing... The city itself also could use more detail in my opinion, it now looks like buildings have been randomly places between roads.

I suggest you place Misc objects to your city. Things like dumpsters and streetlights make the city more interesting to look at.

As for the texturing; it also disappointed me quite a bit. It looked very basic and there were no attempts to mix textures with each other. I wouldn't wanna say the texturing was bad, but it could have been done better. I also missed concrete texturing under some buildings.

Well as for the AI, I couldn't get it working. I just sat at there starting point and did nothing. The strange thing was, I couldn't attack it either. I do think this map will be fun to play on online. Lots of civilian buildings to garrison and oil derricks to fight over. I also like to add that it is better then some maps I've seen ;)

This maps also is very balanced. It gives turtlers no chance, but it also makes spamming quite hard. I hope you people enjoy this maps as much as I did.

And please don't let this stop you for sending in more maps, you can only improve ;)



                                                        ***Operation Desert Snake 1.0 ***

Operaton Desert Snake is a 3 player map, 2 teams will start at the base of a mountain range while  
1 team will start in the back of the city. Good for a 2 v 1 showdown. 

Mod used in screenshots: Cnc All Stars 1.0

Supply docks: 6

Oil derricks   : 1

AI Enabled   : yes

Hospitals    : 1


Unzip to  :     

C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps

For any questions  email me at

[email protected]

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