Project Nuclear Storm [PNS]

This mod gives a HUGE boost to the China faction. Changes include a new powerful Nuke bomb that virtually takes out an entire base, but take...


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This mod gives a HUGE boost to the China faction. Changes include a new powerful Nuke bomb that virtually takes out an entire base, but takes 10 min. to charge up. Dragon tanks, battle masters and gattling tanks all auto heal. Supply depot comes with three trucks. Bunkers can now hold 8 infantry. Lots of other little changes. Readme file contains all the details.

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Project Nuclear Storm (PNS)

Version 1.0 released 30 march 2004

Designed by NightmareXX 2004

C&C Generals is a trademark or registered trademark of Electronic Arts in the USA and/or other countries. All rights reserved.

This mod was created to make the game a hell of a lot easier to learn the chinese forces. it was designed in mind for begginer's

wanting to be able to take on, like, 5 brutal GLA and win and i think that is designed perfectly for that. or for advanced players

that are wanting a real challenge, try putting your self against the chinese with either the GLA or USA and see how well you really

do. start at 1 brutal china and progress upwards. anyone who can take on 7 brutal china, all allied with each other, against them

on twilight flame.......PLEASE send me the replay because you must be the GOD at Generals or you have too much time on your hands.

/////How to use/////
simply extract the files to your generals directory called data(e.g. C:\program files\ea games\command and conquer generals\).


The changes are...

Disciplinary training (same as advanced training for the USA)--- doubles experience for all combat units.

Upload Bandwidth --- allows hackers to gain experience faster.

Vehicle repair --- dragon tanks, battle masters and gattling tanks repair automatically.

Armour plating --- nuke cannons have double armour but travel at 1/4 less speed.

//Unit changes//
ALL units have a much lower build time. the highest is about 5 seconds for the nuke cannon.

ALL units built at the war factory are $100 cheaper. e.g. overlord = $1900

MiG's have an increased speed, more armour, more ammo and higher damage.

Tank hunters weapon reload time has been decreased by 400ms from 1000ms to 600ms and they can't attack aircraft.

Hackers hack faster, hack more money, cost more to try and balance the game a bit, pack/unpack faster and have an upgrade.

Troop crawler has a much bigger scan radius for stealth.

Overlord has the ability to use the horde bonus, is slightly faster and the gattling cannon upgrade is only anti-air.

Inferno cannon has a longer range and faster refire rate.

Nuke cannon has larger sight range, more damage, longer weapon range and slightly faster.

Supply trucks can carry $2000, collect faster and drop off faster and cost more.

////NEW UNIT////
AA trooper --- anti-air trooper. didn't like that tank hunters could target aircraft so i made this new unit..
Cost: $500
Build time: 1 second!!
Weapon: quite powerful anti air rocket. can't target ground based things.

//Building changes//
Gattling cannon fires faster, more damage, detects stealth at longer range, bigger sight range, damages aircraft more and has 
more health.

Supply depot comes with 3 trucks.

Bunker can now hold 8 troops.

Nuclear missile costs double, takes 10 mins to charge but it will wipe out a base area on twilight flame so its sort of fair.
a.k.a it will kill ANYTHING!!!

//Generals powers//
You get enough points to get every general power.

Artillery barrage has more shells but takes longer to charge.


If you have any ideas how i can make this mod better or things i should change for the next version you can either mail me or, if you

have any instant messenging programs, feel free to add me

MSN Messenger:
AIM: NightmareXF

////Next version////
2 new units --- MiG bomber and MiG scout
1 new upgrade --- MiG speed
got any other ideas.... feel free to mail me.

/////Other mods/////
Mod for the USA in the same format as this one: new upgrades, some unit changes and abilties. haven't thought of a name yet so if you

have any ideas......mail me!

Also planned a mod for the GLA in the same format as this one also. haven't thought of a name for that either so if you have any ideas...

mail me!

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