RA2 Style Weather Storm

Lt. Zack, the community's resident particle expert has released here all the coding necessary to create one of his most fantistic superweapo...


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Lt. Zack, the community's resident particle expert has released here all the coding necessary to create one of his most fantistic superweapons, found in Energy Mod. In this file are all the files you need to add this superweapon to your own mod, including 10 ini files, w3d models, textures and sounds! You have permission to include it in your own mod or modify it to your heart's desire!

You could also modify (instructions included on how) to the RA2 Weather Storm!

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Download 'weatherstorm1.zip' (1.25MB)

;------Acid Rain Storm or better known as RA2 Weather Storm with a Dr.Thrax Twist------
Everything done by: Lt.Zack
I am not going to demand that I be given credit for this but I will say that it will go
a long way with the community if you do give credit where it is due, thanks.
Everything is provided in this zip, including command stuff as well. I will not explane
everything you need to do to add this and have it working as I will assume that if you
are intrested in using this then you should know a thing or two about Generals:ZH INI.
But if worse comes to worse and you totaly cannot figure something or it just wont work
I will provide some help by E-Mail at: col_jonithan_oneill@hotmail.com ;-)

every file is self explanitory of where that code should go, the audio files should go
in the Sounds folder and the .dds/.tga files should go in the Textures folder. The
AcidRain_Objects.ini file can be put directly into your INI\Object folder.

All you need to do to change this over to be exatly like RA2's weather storm is first
change Color1 and Color2 in AcidRain: <- This is in the ParticleSystem.ini if you didnt know
Color1 = R:0 G:0 B:255 10
Color2 = R:0 G:0 B:255 20

Than if you want you can give the AcidMissileofDoom a invisible model so the player cannot
see it when launched from your RA2 Weather Storm Generator or whatever your using.

Also just remove this line "OCL = FINAL OCL_PoisonFieldAcidRain" from AcidMissileofDoom so
that there will be no melting from the rain lol.

Everything else is a duhh like changing the names and cameo images to whatever you want.

No-Thanks to EA for killing such a great franchise in C&C and hope this little kick ass
effect keeps this as it seems final C&C from dieing off.

Your God of Particle Systems - Lt.Zack

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