Realistic Desert Skin Pack



This skin pack changes all vanilla USA vehicle skins to give them a desert colour scheme. They will work in both Generals and Zero Hour. The skins are definitely an improvement, as you can see in the screenshots below showing before and after. The new skins look much more realistic and blend in well in desert maps. However, the desert colour scheme is present in all maps - desert themed and non desert themed alike.



Creator: The Geek With The Gun
Title: USA Vehicle Skins

Hey everyone!
As with most people I was disapointed with EA's skins for the vehicles in Generals. so i decided to skin all of the vehicles on the normal USA side. ALL of the US vehicles on the normal USA side have been reskinned! they are all desert skins. i used real pictures to skin each and every one of these units. the crusader is my personal favorate land vehicle. the raptor is my favorate air unit.  I'm sure you know where to put these, but if you don't I'll tell you.  Just copy the art folder and paste it in your Generals or Zero Hour directory. (C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Command and Conquer Generals or C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour) 
if you want to post this on your website or use this in a mod, you must get permission from me. my email is [email protected]   if you want to give me feedback on these skins, wanna see some more, or just want to ramble to me about C&C Generals feel free to email me. I hope you enjoy these skins!

~The Geek With The Gun~

P.S. these Skins will work with both the original Generals game and Zero Hour. (even though there are some different units)

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