Realistic Sound Mod.



Another sound mod from Starwars. I have to say that I really do find this mod an improvement over the sounds in the game. That said however you won't notice that you're using a mod sound set, which to my mind is a good thing, the sounds (as a rule) blend in that well with the non-modded sounds that you will find it hard to tell which ones are made by EA and which aren't! A definite bonus from my point of view! I won't list the full set of sound changes...(there are 64 of them...) as it would take me forever. A quick summary of which ones are changed are listed below. This is one of the few (very few) mods that will be remaining on my computer! Now all I need is a nice skin set to go with it...



 Author : Starwars

 E-mail : [email protected]

Description : I made a sound mod that makes sounds more realistik and cool 

It changes : 

  - jarnen kell sniper rifle
  - technitian and almost all tanks fire sounds ( paladin , crusader )
  - new Humvee firyng sound and missile sound
   -People entering buildings sound
   - China gatling gun sounds
  - Explosion sounds
  -USA ranger and bazuca trooper firyng sound
  -Angry mob sounds


INSTALATION : Select ALL sounds inside the zip file and extract them to your generals directory ( the paths were already made by me ( data\audio\sounds )

  IF USING WINRAR : select all sounds and create the path inside generals directory : Data\Audio\sounds , and extract them here 

   NOTE : if the wizards asks "overwrite file ?" put "yes"


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