Red Alert 3

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Editors Note: This is NOT the game, Red Alert 3, but rather a mod for Zero Hour with the RA3 name. It actually converts Zero Hour to have the units/structures of RA2 Yuri's Revenge.

Red Alert 3 is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour. Red Alert 3, as you might guess, is a mod that turns Generals into the Red Alert universe.

Red Alert 3 gives the player a chance to see Red Alert in a whole new light. The units of Red Alert are now crisp and clean thanks to General's great graphics engine. Not everything is here from the original, but players can still choose what countries they want to be. Germany still has tank destroyer, and France still has their cheap old "Grand Cannon". Red Alert 3 features full campaigns for each fraction, including Yuri. The side bar is back into play in the mod.

Although Red Alert 3 is like its original, it is still far different. Since the creators couldn't rewrite the entire game, Yuri's mind control units don't in essence mind control; all they do is kill the driver of the tank or kill the people inside a building to make it neutral. Once neutral, the object may be taken over by the player's forces. The maps in Red Alert 3 are decent and the full campaigns will having you playing for hours. Since this mod goes just a little bit over the top in violence, this must be added: WARNING: This mod contains content that may not be suitable for children under 15. Sorry, but when the mod let's infantry get blown up into little chunks is where I draw the line for a rated "T" game.


  • Fun Factor- Red Alert 3 is extremely fun and addicting. You will get a kick from seeing your favorite Red Alert characters in the Gerneral's engine. Lag might be a problem online if your not careful. The extra particle effects is also an added bonus.
  • Balance- This mod could be a lot more balanced. The suicide trucks that Lybia has is actually a nuke when it blows up! Boris' air strike can be fired from all the way across the map and the list goes on! The modders did do a good job on unit-to-unit combat though. For example, if a rhino tank is up against a lasher, the rhino wins.
  • Creativity- I can't give the modders creativity kudos for this mod because all the units were all ready made; but because of the way they made Red Alert 2 units work [mind control, terror drone, ect.] they get some credit. Although sometimes the fixes can make the units unbalanced. For example, the terror drone can attack buildings now with pretty good results.

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