Rush Hour



Fellow map enjoyers,

We have another separate map release from the Mapper Guilds, Mapper Guild Mappack III. This time its one of there parade maps. The very pinnacle of what the Mapper Guild is. I strongly suggest you download this map! Now for my report and findings:

This map has a nice morning atmosphere. It really gives players the feeling its 7 in the morning. This maps is based around a Desert themed Urban area. Both the desert and the city are very well blended together. Map textures are good and as far as know error free. Also a great variety again, such as: Sand, Grass, Concrete, Sand mixed with Grass, its all in there giving this map a awesome feeling.

Now for the AI. It was impressive to say at least. Well you could kinda expected it if you saw how very well and organized the waypoints where done in the worldbuilder. The AI fight hard and recklessly. It almost looked like there where defending the city in the middle. They garrison buildings and capture any tech buildings that are present in the city. This AI will be boosted even further with the mod Shockwave installed.

As for the gameplay levels. They were also impressive to say at least. I recommend this map to you for both Online and Offline play. I will guarantee you maximum pleasure, with minimum lag. A small downside is that the starting positions feel a bit turtlish in my opinion, although the AI make sure you forget that feeling after 15 minutes of play }>

And finally the Eyecandy. Well there is lots of eyecandy in this maps. Cars, Tree's, Parks, you name it and its in there. All very well thought trough and placed. The city feels open so Tank and Infantry can move trough it without much problem. The most amazing piece if detail I saw were the streetlights on the sidewalks. Very well done.

This map deserves much attention, it really excels ZH map making :D



[Rush Hour]

Developer: Crazykenny
Players: 4
Theme: City/Desert
Supplys: Moderate
Tech Buildings: Moderate:
Description: Simply perfect, you have to see it to believe it


Extract the files to your Mydocuments/ZerohourDate/Maps folder, and your all set to go.

Dont use this map without my premission!

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