Saber's Mod

Lots of cool new toys to play with in this one. USA side gets a Specter gunship (limit 2). Stealth Nuke with awesome firepower...China Migs...


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Lots of cool new toys to play with in this one. USA side gets a Specter gunship (limit 2). Stealth Nuke with awesome firepower...China Migs now carry 4 bombs and do much more damage. Inferno Cannons fire on the move, do more damage, etc...GLA goodies include upgraded Mobile Scud Launchers, Rocket Buggies carry more rockets, etc. Lots more added. Check the included readme file for full details.

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Saber's Mod

USA major upgrades: Spector gun ship (limit 2) at $5000 per unit; Stealth Nuke with long range targeting (limit 4) at $4,000 per unit; Tomahawk range and power increased also acquires targets on the move and when idle; Patriot System increased range, fire power, and rate of fire on the ground and in the air.

China major upgrades: Mig fighter black napalm dose more damage and carries 4 bombs not 2, Inferno cannon increased range, rate of fire, and accuracy, Nuke Cannon Major range, armor, speed, and rate of fire upgrade as well as damage upgrade; gattling gun base defense increased range against ground or air targets.

GLA major upgrades: Mobile Scud launcher major increase in range, rate of fire damage for explosives and chemical warheads, and armor; Angry Mob increased attack damage and range; Rocket Buggy increased rate of fire, range, and damage; Jarmen Kell limit 2 not just 1; Stinger site has increased range and damage against both air and ground targets.
The USA upgrades mostly center around air units.  The Spector Gun Ship makes a great base defender it can destroy any ground unit and take a lot of damage before going down.  It will loiter over a target for a long time and will kill any offensive weapon it can see.  The Stealth can wipe out any air defense network or the whole base with its long attack range and nuclear payload.  The tomahawk's extended range make them a great defensive weapon, anything trying to gain access to your base will find a tomahawk missile heading strait for them.  As an offensive weapon it can destroy enemy units or structures without them knowing where the missiles are coming from.  The Patriot upgrade can take out air most air targets before they can even get off a shot, and as for ground defense it's extended range and link-up feature they can stop most any ground force.
The China upgrades are very powerful.  A couple inferno cannons will lay waste to any base not protected by aircraft or if GLA a mobile scud launcher.  They also make a terrific base defense weapons 2 or 3 at strategic points can level almost any ground attack.  They can fire on the move with deadly results they can also hit moving targets far better than with the standard weapon ini.  The nuke cannons can take out a base at incredible range.  If your enemy doesn’t see you coming you've got them cold.  The Migs air to air with the Black Napalm upgrade are nearly unbeatable and as a ground attack not much will come out of the fireball that they can lay down.  The gattling guns increased surface to air range means that most aircraft will not survive their bombing run.  Against ground units the gattling guns range has been extended as well as their firepower.
The GLA upgrades give them some new strageties for their weapons.  The mobile scud launchers increased range, vehicle speed, armor, rate of fire, and increased damage make it a feared weapon. The chemical warhead lays down a larger radiation field with longer effects.   The Rocket buggies carry more rockets with a greater range, rate of fire, and damage.  A couple of these can wipe out a tank column with out being touched. Having 2 Jarmen Kell's running loose on the battle field taking out enemy vehicles and troops will slow an attack force to a crawl.  With the Stinger sites being able to spot the stealth in flight a few well-placed sites will stop most any air attack.  Their increased range against air and ground targets will make most enemies turn and run. 

To install:  
1) Place the INI folder in the data folder under C:\Program Files\Command and Conquer Generals\Data\.

To install the artwork for the spector: (if you skip this step the game will run fine but in the air force command bar you will get a purple box instead of a picture of the spector)
2) Download a .BIG extractor, like FinalBig, and add the file, C130Spectre.TGA to Textures.BIG from C:\Program Files\Command and Conquer Generals\ and save Textures.BIG.

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