Shockwave. One of the remaining mods still being updated for a 3 year old game. For people new to this mod, it doesn't attempt to create entirely new game, only to add new units, structures, superweapons to make the game a more enjoyable experience.

Now with their 6th or so release, Shockwave is a very complete mod. Any unit that you could imagine (if possible) is included with this mod.

Now enough talk, there's bug fixes, more units, and a heck of a lot better AI in this version. Download it now.



		********** Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour: Shockwave Beta Release 0.93 *********

Greatings, ShockWave fans! If you're reading this you're probably downloading 0.93, or have downloaded it already.
this new release fixes all known errors from the last version, and hopefully doesn't add any new ones.
We also added many new goodies to make this more even greater than all previous releases made sofar.
anyways enough of my rambeling go ahead and read the more interesting parts :)

**Installation,uninstallation & Launcher Instructions**

	extract all files in your ZH Folder ("C:\Program Files\EaGames\Generals Zerohour" by default) and run shockwave.exe to play

	to uninstall delete the following files in your ZH folder
	\data\movies\shockwave_intro.bik (just "shockwave_intro.bik" not anything in the folders!)
	\ShockWave\ (delete this entire folder)

	after you have done that shockwave will be uninstalled.
	the new launcher has 4 buttons below will be explained what they do

*launcher instructions

	the new launcher has 5 buttons below will be explained what they do.

	-Launch this will enable the mod and launch the game
	-Windows this will launch the game in a window once activated the button will remain pressed in and can be deactivated by clicking it again
	-Quick this will launch the game with no shell map or intro the button will remain pressed in and can be deactivated by clicking it again
	-W.Builder this will launch shockwave with the worldbuilder to make maps with shockwave objects,buildings and units
	-Exit exit the launcher
	remember that it is of vital importance to keep the launcher running when the game is starting after clicking the launch button and should
	you pc crash or for some reason turn of or anything like that run the launcher first and exit it again to restore your ZH(if you do not do this
	you can mess up your ZH installation and you might need to reinstall!)

**List of Changes for Shockwave Beta Release 0.93 Since 0.92**

Below is a full change log of all things that were modified,added,removed and fixed for this new release

-Added New Rotor Sound for combat chinooks
-Added New chinese Flame Tower
-Added New upgrade for laser general "focusing crystal" which increase both the damage and range by 15%
-Added Vissual Change when any GLA building is upgraded with camonetting
-Added New Laser Defender Model
-Added New Huricane Missile Launcher for the airforce general (replaces tomahawk)
-Added New Infantry general Tiger Shark amphibious tank (replaces light battle master)
-Added New Reaper Tank for general kwai (requires gen point)
-Added Sheridan tank for general granger (replaces leopard)
-Added New Tiger Helicopter for vannila china
-Added F/B 22 Laser guided bombing run for general townes (replaces A10 Strike)
-Added New Models,skins and icons for all stealth figthers
-Added New generals power Rods From God Strike for the superweapons general
-Added New models and icons for all comanche helicopters
-Added Rods From god Generals power for the Superweapons general (replaced A-10 strike)
-Added Chinese Dozer engine sound
-Added New global hawk spydrone genpower (replaces regulair spydrone gen power difference is the drone can be relocated)
-Added New GLA Airpad which produces balloons and other units.
-Added New GLA Dozer Tool (used by workers)
-Added New GLA Quad bike Supply Collector Tool (used by workers)
-Added New sound to chinese hacked spy satalite
-Added Abblility to dissable buildings by hacking for Black Lotus (all teams and generals.)
-Added Holdfire and Freefire modes fore pop turrets
-Added New Minigunner Model
-Added Burst Fire mode for Berserker (launches 3 missiles every 6 seconds)
-Added New models for demolition generals scud storm
-Added New ATACMS launch sound (the missile that is fired by the hurricane and Lockdown(emp) MRLS)
-Added New sounds for emp bomb explosions (of the mig emp bomber)
-Added New sounds for the emp explosions of the missile defender
-Added New tech building "Tech Radio Station"
-Added New tech building "Tech Flak Bunker"
-Added New abbility for hackvans "Virus Attack" (will dissable all vehicles and buildings in the area of effect)
-Added New detonate now button for all terrorist (can also be used when on a combat bike)
-Added Ammo pip and ground attack button to railgun
-Added New sounds for the mortar humvee weapon
-Added New viral attack for thrax's toxin tractor
-Added New Models,skins and icons for the dragon tank
-Added New Models,skins and icons for all rocket buggies
-Added New Models,skins and icons for all Inferno Cannon
-Added New chinese listening post
-Added scroll down and up buttons to regulair chinese dozer (becouse of the New building additions)
-Added New (worker) vioce when gla structures are upgraded with the fortified structure upgrade
-Added New title screen image for the main menu (when using quick launch) Special thanks goes to Flyerfye for this one
-Added New Ramjet Anti tank shell upgrade for inferno (launches normaly but ignites shortly after and then acts like a rocket assited shell)
-Added New title screen image for the main menu when using quick launch
-Added New lasting EMP effect for MiG EMP Bombers
-Added New impact effects for the troopcrawler auto cannon
-Added New Movement sounds for Enforcer Tanks
-Added New sounds to both the Lockdown and EMP Patriot missile detonation
-Added New sounds for the EMP Pulse Bomb
-Added New sounds for the Neutron Bomb
-Added New Mobile Demotrap model
-Added New Abbillity for sentry drones to focus their scanners on a location
-Added New Cameos for the Comanche rocket pods upgrade and launch button
-Added New beam effects for all microwave tanks
-Added New Version of the 4 Player Map Tournament Flat Pack
-Added New 4 Player Map Winter River
-Added New 6 Player Map Armored Fury (restored from generals)
-Added New 2 Player Map Scorched Earth (restored from generals)

-Modified rocket trails of certain gla units (they now have a little fire on the rocket and not just exhaust smoke)
-Modified Dragon Tank Attack range increased
-Modified the Blacknapalm firestream and it looks much better now
-Modified GLA parachute dropped abbillities (demotrap drop and salvage drop) they now have a GLA logo on the parachute
-Modified Laser weapon effects the beams are now white in the center of the beam and red on the outside
-Modified Stealth Scuds storm it now starts with camo netting
-Modified Tech Reinforcements pad it now takes only 1 Minute for each drop
-Modified Tech Reinforcements pad for the airforce general it now drops a sheridan rather than a humvee
-Modified Tank general tank drop it now also drops 1 gattling tank in the first and second level and 2 in the final
-Modified Cash hack for infantry general first level now steals $2000, second $4000 and the third $8000
-Modified B1 Lancer Cluster bomb clusters now drop faster and spread slightly more
-Modified Chinook Crashing effect (some unused voices are now used when they are crashing)
-Modified Hacker Death effect (some unused voices are now used when they are killed)
-Modified key for waypoints back to ALT (was Z)
-Modified Gattling tank Elite Training it now also effects reaper tanks
-Modified siege cannon it now gets vissual upgrades like the tanks do from WG uranium shells and Fusion reactors
-Modified A-10 Strike Missiles they can no longer be shot down by point defence lasers
-Modified A-10 strike for airforce general the A-10's are now faster have more hitpoints and a silver paint job
-Modified worker shoes upgrade the workers now get a new model with shoes when upgraded
-Modified Technical Training it now affects rocket buggies too and is renamed to recon vehicle training
-Modified stealth generals technical and rocket buggy both now start as veterans
-Modified stealth generals tehcnical/recon vehicle training it now gives you elite units
-Modified Next Generation Patriot Upgrade Cameo
-Modified Comanche rocket pods trail effect they now have a trail of there own rather than using the one from the patriot
-Modified Spy Drone reload time from 1:20 minutes to 3:00 minutes (to ballance them out becouse they can be moved now)
-Modified Pop turrets they can now fire through other pop turrets
-Modified Warmaster tank it now no longer requires a generals point to be constructed
-Modified Helix gattling cannons they can no longer detect stealthed units
-Modified MiG Afterburner upgrade it's now only availible to the regulair chinese side and not the generals
-Modified MiG Afterburner gives MiGs a 15% chance of missile evasion
-Modified Camoflage Upgrade it now also effects RPG Troopers if they are not moving or attacking
-Modified Sentry drone they are now $200 cheaper and do nolonger have a delay before they can fire and move.
-Modified Sentry drone gun upgrade it now costs $500 and only needs 15 seconds to be researched.
-Modified Toxin Tractor armor it can take slightly more hits now and is 10% more risistant to infantry weapons
-Modified Dragon Tank armor it can take slightly more hits now
-Modified Artillery platforms they can now be dissabled by microwave tanks
-Modified Mobile Supply Stash it now becomes stealthed when it's not moving
-Modified Stealth Combatbikes (they now become stealthed after the driver has left gone off the bike)
-Modified Global Hawk it now moves slower
-Modified the EMP sphere effect for missile defenders (sphere is slightly smaller)
-Modified Redguard Bayonet attack it can now switched to as default weapon rather as a abbility
-Modified Hackvans they now cost 800$ each and have better protection against toxin and radiation weapons
-Modified Infantry general hack van they no longer have 2 tank hunters inside but are stealthed when not moving
-Modified supplydrop zone cargo planes they can now no longer be shot down (to prevent the annoying unit lost reports)
-Modified Start units they are now better ballanced
-Modified Weapon of mortar humvees it now has a slightly bigger range
-Modified Helix it's now renamed to helicopter armor (becouse it also affects the tiger helicopter)
-Modified Viral strike the virus fields from the strike now stay for 2 minutes before they dissapear
-Modified All dozers to have a active animation while constructing a building
-Modified Infantry generals hack van it now becomes stealthed if not moving
-Modified Laser defenders the range is now slightly smaller
-Modified All Auroras they now have a new effect when going on a super sonic attackrun
-Modified Paladin Point Defence Laser it can now no longer shoot down balistic missiles like scuds and tomahawks
-Modified Mobile Demotrap Speed it's alot faster now
-Modified Mobile Demotrap costs it now costs 500$ instead of 800
-Modified Bunkers for all chinese teams they now require a bit more time to be constructed
-Modified Tunnel Networks for all GLA teams they now require a bit more time to be constructed
-Modified Robot Tank & Sentry drone both now have auto repair features when damaged
-Modified Machinegun Sites they are now renamed to Machinegun Nest
-Modified Mobile Demotraps they now remain unstealthed for one second after they stop moving
-Modified all ingame Jets increased the guard range of all jets ingame
-Modified Blacklotus's system hack binary trail ( now also has "1"s instead fied Frog 7 Rocket Flight path
-Modified The frog 7 rocket flight path it now spins while traveling and the arch is different
-Modified Particle Cannons they now explode violently when destroyed and do nolonger create rangers when detroyed (with exception of the laser particle cannon
-Modified Burtons Attacks they can now be used as switchable weapons rather than abbilities (with exception of the explosive charges)
-Modified Redguard rifle weapon when garrisoned they now get a 53% range bonus rather than 33% like other infantry (does not effect minigunners)
-Modified all battlemasters they now use the gun on top against infantry (except for nuke becouse radiation shells are more effective than the MG is)
-Modified Laser gen. Specter gunship gen power to gain extra armor when the laser defence upgrade has been finnished (to ballance out the countermeasures of other usa sides)
-Modified Mobile Demotraps they are now a Regulair GLA exclusive unit
-Modified Stealth Battle Bus it will now deploy stealth camo nets while not moving
-Modified Mantis Costs it now costs 750 (was 730)
-Modified Smerch MRLS it now costs 1400 (was 1200)
-Modified Laser point defence drone it now costs 350 (was 300)
-Modified Internet Center it now costs 2000 (was 2500)
-Modified Internet Center it now has more health and is capable of resisting a single superweapon strike
-Modified Satalite Hack 2 it now costs 1500 to upgrade (was 2500)
-Modified Propaganda center armor it can now resist the 1 aurora bomb
-Modified Smerch Missiles their ammount of hits each missile can take is less
-Modified Smerch Missiles they now have less splash damage
-Modified Razor Bombers the bombs now scatter less and are their for mor accurate
-Modified Comanche Rocket pod trails
-Modified Comanche Rocket pod rockets they now travel slightly faster
-Modified Comanche Rocket pod weapon it now shoots 24 missiles at a random location instead of 20 on fixed locations (damage unchanged)
-Modified Plasma Tank impact and fire sounds
-Modified Plasma Tanks weapon range (for both weapons)
-Modified Plasma Tanks Armor it's now slightly stronger

-Fixed the Launcher, it now works correctly with the wordlbuilder
-Fixed Several tooltip and hotkey errors
-Fixed Error where razor bombers could be ordered to attack air units
-Fixed Issue where chinese bunkers coused the infantry inside to damage the bunker
-Fixed Battlmasters not getting hordebonus bug
-Fixed Railguns no longer fire 2 or more shots rapidly at certain times
-Fixed SuperWeapons General pathfinders now gain the body armor upgrade (they did not in previous versions)
-Fixed DemoTrap drop the traps now no longer dodge/fly away from the buildings if they are dropped on top of them
-Fixed Rad Tank animations the closing hatches animation now plays when given a move order after exposing the core
-Fixed Rad tank reactor cores wiill no longer get damaged by the radiation
-Fixed Error When the troop crawler would show the gun when really damaged even if it's not upgraded
-Fixed the error where rangers couldn't use flash bangs on stingersites
-Fixed error where nuclear missile silos would lose the nuke mig upgrade after upgrading them with mines
-Fixed error where laser comanche's didn't spawn pilots when destroyed
-Fixed error where plasma pulses would get affected by ECM jammers
-Fixed error where nerve gas bombs sometimes did zero effect
-Fixed issue where nerve gass clouds dissapeared after an anthrax weapon was fired on it or near it
-Fixed issue where unit could not shoot over small supply piles
-Fixed error where players would be able to call in a B52 carpet bomber when captured certain usa command centers
-Fixed issue where the stealth general radar jamming upgrade coused gen powers and stop buttons to become unselectable
-Fixed commandset error where the helixes had no evacuate button on them if aren't upgraded(speakr, gattling ect.)
-Fixed issue where players could select the armor and salvage general in the challange
-Fixed issue where units could not buy drones when you had one EMP MRLS selected and other vehicles
-Fixed bug where fuel airbomb aurora's blew up each other on bombing runs
-Fixed Street lights and signs so that they can be run over again (they always could in gen but not in ZH)
-Fixed bug where smaller trees and bushes where not burnable or runoverable
-Fixed error where gla mission 2 got stuck in the intro
-Fixed Issue nuke cannons could enter tank bunkers
-Fixed issue Stealth Fighters uses the Aurora's report to tell you its "fuel gauges are in the red"
-Fixed Issue where Demo General's Rocket Buggies did not gain the Demolitions Ability.
-Fixed Issue where jarmen kell could snipe powerlines on buildings with out the KVSK Upgrade
-Fixed error where viral strikes and weapons affected drone units (they are not humans who get sick of that stuff)
-Fixed issue with Chinese supply depots cousing supply truck to drive around it before unloading supplies
-Fixed Frog Errors with the wheels (they sometimes spinned very fast and some of then turned when they should not)
-Fixed error where AP gattling cannons would show up right after placing them on night maps
-Fixed issue that coused lisening outposts to kick out the tank hunters when orderd to attack at random times
-Fixed Issue where advanced ECM tanks sometimes gave a false range with the attack cursor
-Fixed Issue where crashing combat Chinooks didn't have the newly added guns and rockets on them vissualy
-Fixed Issue where toxin technicals had the AP bullets upgrade cameo
-Fixed Issue where demo battlebusses did not scatter demo traps when destroyed after the demolition upgrade
-Fixed issue where stealth rebels died standing and captured standing on night and snow maps
-Fixed Issue where B1 Lancer bomb did not inflict the ammount of damage as it should
-Fixed Issue that made it possible for none combat units to enter tank bunkers
-Fixes Issue where infantry could enter a tank bunker
-Fixed issue where nuke gen gattling tanks could fire through structure
-Fixed Issue where some techbuildings did not have autohealing
-Fixed Issue where road grinders would sometimes use gattling tank specific voice reports
-Fixed Issue where terrorist and terror bikes sometimes didn't do damage when they should
-Fixed Issue where stealth battlebusses remained stealthed if riders started shooting
-Fixed Issue where stealth jarmen kell didn't have the new KVSK Snipe sounds when upgraded
-Fixed Issue where gattling tanks had the empty shell case droping from the front of the barrel when they reach the herioc state of vertancy
-Fixed Issue where regulair battlemasters with autoloaders did more damage than tank general battlemasters with autoloaders
-Fixed issue where the ruble left from a demo scud storm looked like the ruble from a normal scud storm
-Fixed Issue where the infantry flying off a combat bike when destroyed did not look the same as the ones driving them
-Fixed Issue where Fortified Firebases could not be shutdown by microwaves or advanced ECM tanks
-Fixed Issue where Battlebus demotraps could not be placed on bridges
-Fixed Issue were Troop Crawlers with a autocannon did not gain experince
-Fixed Issue where one could drive vehicles and other units "inside" a warfortress
-Fixed Issue where some GLA structures could not be shutdown by microwaves (and tank gen ECM Tanks)
-Fixed Issue that coused the nerve gas bomb to be unavailible for 10 minutes rather than 5 as the tooltip says
-Fixed Issue where the red detection grid didn't showup on some troopcrawlers and on none of the listening ouposts of any chinese team
-Fixed issue where stinger site would sometimes not fire at a target even if there is nothing there to prevent them from doing so
-Fixed Issue where the explosions of nuclear/fusion upgraded tanks would apear on the barrel tip rather than the center of the vehicle
-Fixed Issue that coused the droping dirt and sand from a all dozer to apear from a wrong angle are not cover the entire part they should
-Fixed Issue that made the falling shell of the road grinder to apear on the tip of the gun rather than on the back
-Fixed Issue where some GLA structures could not be shutdown by microwaves (and tank gen ECM Tanks) after the fortified structure upgrade
-Fixed Issue where there was a invissable indestuctable stealh object on the laser generals challenge map

-Removed Battlebus Disguise from stealth battlebus it was to powerfull and to buggy and sometimes even coused crashes
-Removed HE Shell upgrade for inferno Cannons  (replaced by new and better upgrade)
-Removed Fanaticsm Upgrade for stealth general (it changed almost nothing to the infantry so it was just using up a upgrade slot)
-Removed Molotov Upgrade from stealth genereal (rebels get them by default now)
-Removed Bunker and tank hunters from infantry generals Hackvan (are now stealthed when not moving which is much more usefull)

**List of Changes for Shockwave Beta Release 0.93 Since 0.92**

Below is a full change log of all things that were modified and improved about the AI scripts (computer controlled enemies)

- Computer tries to capture the Warfortress.
- AI cheats to get cash. (main effects are seen in late games)
- Computer tries to capture the Radio Station (They dont use it but)

- Uses next gen patriot upgrade
- USA now uses the Stalker Tank
- Uses chem suits against nuke gen (All USA sides)

- Uses Mig Afterburner upgrade
- Uses Helicopter Armour upgrade
- AI uses tigers
- AI uses napalm strike

- Builds the Airpad
- Uses the extra salvage upgrade
- Uses the Ballon
- Gla uses the Scorpian rocket upgrade

- AI uses Aicraft Ammo Upgrade
- Drone Armour upgrade is now used
- Airgen uses chem suit
- Uses next gen patriot upgrade
- Uses tow missile upgrade
- Airforce uses the strategy center on normal mode (previously it didnt)
- AI uses skycrane

- Ai builds Humvee laser
- AI build all its drone variants
- AI switch between flashbangs and machine guns
- AI builds PDL for aircrafts
- AI garrasions the Firebase more often
- builds focusing crystals upgrade
- Builds the control rod upgrade
- AI builds sentry drone laser gun
- Uses the F/B-22 strike gen power
- uses the paradrop again
- Now buys the Advance training upgrade

- Uses Alpha Auroras
- Uses empmrls
- Upgrades to combat vest
- Upgrades to advance training
- Upgrades Drone armour
- upgrades laser missiles
- Ai builds bunkerbusters upgrade
- Uses the rod from god

- Mass Production upgrade is now used
- Reactive Armour upgrade is now used
- AI builds Reaper
- AI Builds Airfield
- AI uses Razor Bombers
- AI uses Helix
- Napalmstrike is now used by the AI

- Uses the artillery barrage
- uses the nuke drop
- uses the nuke carpet bombing
- upgrades to chem suits
- upgrades weapons grade uranium shell
- upgrades fusion reactor
- upgrades helix armour

- Uses beserks
- uses helix
- Gave infernos a more prominent role
- Deactivated the Nuetron shell upgrade
- deactivated irrelavent scripts

- builds the scorpian rockets upgrade properly
- builds HE shell upgrade
- Bombtruck upgrades to high explosive
- Terrorist ambush works
- Streamelined some stuff because the scripts were recalling some redundant stuff.

- Builds Gamma toxin upgrade
- Builds Scorpian rocket upgrades
- Builds Virus upgrade (will make the smerch and other units use this power later on)
- Deactivated a few redundant scripts

- Builds the Frog-7
- Builds stinger soldier upgrade
- Builds scorpian rockets upgrade
- Builds machine gunner site
- Deactivated some redundant scripts

-------------Cut off here for length's sake-----------------

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