Shockwave Patch

This is a patch to the Shockwave v.9 modification for Generals Zero Hour.


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This is a patch to the Shockwave v.9 modification for Generals Zero Hour.

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Download 'sw_patch_091.exe' (6.84MB)

Shockwave 0.91 Patch


General, due to enemy infiltration the final Shockwave Battle Software was partially corrupted, and several values were off-scale. This piece of software has corrected these errors, and also adds some new stuff.

Good luck in upcoming wars,

Central Command


Code Changes:
* Random Crash with USA when looking at a unit being destroyed
* New "Plasma Avenger" unit for the Superweapon General
* Fixed several hotkey conflicts
* Fixed Laser Comanche damage exploit when several Comanches where close to each other
* Fixed range bug on Vanilla and Stealth Scorpion rockets
* Railgun Artilleries now have less range and damage
* Laser Comanches now have less range and damage

Model Changes:
* New model for the Marine
* Snow model for the Pathfinder

Map/Script Changes:
* Superweapon General now uses Aurora's and Advanced Particle Cannons on General's Challenge
* Demolition General now uses Dirty nuke, Terrorist Ambush, and Demotrap Bombing on General's Challenge
* Fixed bug where music tracks would only play once
* Removed palm tree from the shellmap
* 2 new multiplayer maps added: Bloodmatch Arena I and II
* USA, GLA and China Mini-Games added (see minigames.txt in your Zero Hour directory)

Miscellaneous Changes:
* Fixed Launcher errors where the Worldbuilder would not work
* Added New voices for the Enforcer Plasma Tank
* Added New Voices for the Berserk MLRS
* Added New selection sound for the AP Gattling Cannon
* Added New Sniper sound for jarmen kell's special abbilities when upgraded with KVSK Rifle

Mini Game Readme


The Mini-Games are finally available to the public! Read all you need to know them right here.


Basically, these minigames are exciting and fun missions. They're about as crazy as a mission can get. However, there is more to them: While playing the games, your score is noted down by the game. When you've finished, and you're statisfied with the score, you can make a savegame and send it to us. The highest (or in the case of the USA mini-game, lowest) score in each category will be awarded with a beta-tester position for Shockwave 1.0!


The Mini-Games are the sixth mission in each campaign, so in order to get it you'll have to beat the campaign first. Don't worry, if you're too lazy we've uploaded a few save games for you: <insert link>. That's all... easy, wasn't it? =D


The rules of the Mini-Game Contest are very simple. However, to prevent loopholes and abuse, I'm forced to write a slighty longer version of it all.

1. Only the highest score in each category (USA, GLA and China) will win. That means there's a total of three winners.

2. Each contestant may submit an unlimited amount of scores. In case of multiple submissions from the same person, the highest score will count, naturally.

3. If multiple contestants submit the same score, only the first one that hits my mailbox is able to win.

4. If a contestant is the winner in more than one category, only the first winning submission will count (example, someone wins in both USA (submitted on day 4) and GLA (submitted on day 6) categories. In this case, his GLA entry will be disqualified)

5. Don't cheat. If anyone is caught cheating, he is disqualified from the entire contest.


Here's how to join the competition:

1. Play one of the Mini-games included in Shockwave: at the end of the USA, GLA and China 

2. At the end, after you've seen the blue info screen about submitting highscores, make a 

3. Shut down Zero Hour, and go to the "Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data" 
directory in your Documents.

4. Go to the "Save"; directory.

5. Scroll to the end of the list, the last number in the list is the save game you just made.

6. Compress the ZIP file (either with WinZip or WinRar)

7. Send the file to us ([email protected])

If you have any questions, suggestions, need help, anything at all, post at our forums or send Deathstrike an email / forum message.

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