Hey people,

This is the standalone version of the map Sidewinder, otherwise packed with other maps in the Mapper Guild, Mappers Guild Mappack III

This map has a very nice atmosphere to start out with. I gives a really dark feeling. The map is staged upon a nuclear radiated battlefield somewhere in China. Maps textures are pretty variated, anything from mud to grass to concrete and all blend in nicely. No texture errors yet.

As for the AI, its functional. Not impressive, but functional. Although the waypoints paths are a mess the maps AI works fine. You will get a challenge when you play against 5 other hard AI's. But one AI doesnt really deliver much of a fight. So I can say the AI is average.

The gameplay on this map is good, lots of strategically placed techbuildings to fight over. For example there is a Oil Derrick in a mountain pass, which is very hard to defend. The only downside is that the player in the top left corner of the map can bunker himself in. He does have a advantage over other players, as his access points and choke points are smaller then the other players have. Well with all this said I can still guarantee you that you will have fun playing this map.

And now for the last part, eyecandy. I can only say it will blow you away at first glance. The texturing is really done proffesional. Buildings placement is excellent. There are plenty of little details that will make this map stand out in a crowd. Thing like, rocks, cracks and oil barrels. This map is fantastic.... but not quite yet perfect.



To install this map, extract the file too Mydocuments/ZeroHourData/Maps



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