Small Divide

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OMG! With that said, I´ll continue with, "This map is amazing!". Why? Because it's just so nice, it looks nice, it feels nice and I'm sure it plays nice in multiplayer! Check out the screenshots before reading on... Done? Look pretty sweet huh? This map is simply the best custom map I've seen so far. Finally real attention to detail, palm trees, little villages, a destroyed / collapsed bridge in the river, this map just feels good, authentic, it feels just right! So anyway, 1 player starts to the left, up on high terrain far above the river that divides the map in 2. The 2nd player starts in a river valley to the right. The 2 bases can only be reached over a dam-like piece of land up on higher ground. The higher > lower ground "connection" are formed by 2 ramps mounding out into the 2nd player´s base. This means that the 2nd player should prolly put some defenses up on higher ground ASAP! To compensate for the lower ground and slightly fewer building space, player 2 has an oil derrick where player 1 doesn´t. In return, player 1 does have 2 supply piles (not stations) where player 2 only has 1, but an oil derrick is much more useful than a supply pile (not station). Oh and every player only has 1 supply station so this is really gonna "skill-required" game as you don´t have much room to build supply stations or black markets, playing as china would definately be beneficial with that thing in mind. And with skill-required I mean "play it smart", instead of "playing it by numbers"! Anyway as said, simply one hell of a map that's definately worth a spot on your hard drive! Go grab it now and be sure to leave some feedback below in the comments section. You can just post as a guest if you are to lazy to get a username so don't be affraid :) Also, this map is now our File of the Week, which gets chosen on saturday, so good timing!

Players: 2 AI Enabled: Yes Oil Derricks: 1 Oil Refinery's: 0 Hospitals: 0 Supply Stations: 2 Supply Piles: 3 Bunkers: A few Civilian Buildings: Average



MAPNAME: Small Divide
Created by: Badfinger ([email protected]) 
[www.badfinger.badnbrain.de -|- Badfingers Weird Tales: www.tales.badnbrain.de]

General Info:
Small Divide is my first map. After getting familiar with the editor, I was thinking about a good map idea. I remembered how much fun I had with the map Small Divide from Broodwar and decided to make a map like this. I wanted to have a damn in the map, but I needed to find another solution. 

The general scenario is, that in a civilian war a cargo plane was taken down by stingers and crashed in the only bridge between the two landsides. Now you can only get to the enemy via the little pass. The map is intended for short and agressive 1on1s. You can work with airunits, but ground units should work too. Beware, it's a little place you got there so chose your buildings wisely...


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