Souped Up Super Boss Mod

If you should wish to find a mod which takes the most overpowered generals and makes them even more powerful, then this mod is for you! The...


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If you should wish to find a mod which takes the most overpowered generals and makes them even more powerful, then this mod is for you! The Superweapon Generals is upgraded with even more destructive stuff, and you also get the Boss General to play with!

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Souped Up Super Boss Mod
(Souped Up Superweapon + Boss General's Challenge Combo Mod)

Ver 1.0 Oct 2006 by beng

This is a combination of an updated version of the Souped Up Superweapon General Mod and an updated version of the Boss Generals Challenge Mod.

It lets you play General's Challenge, Skirmish, and Single Player USA and China campaigns using modified Boss and Superweapon Generals.


This mod requires at least version 1.01 of Zero Hour to work. It was tested on 1.04.

Put the file SoupedUpSuperBossMod.big in your Zero Hour data folder, normally:
\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\

Put the shortcut "ZH Souped Up Super Boss Mod" on your desktop. If your game path is not 
C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\generals.exe
Then you have to right-click on the shortcut, select "Properties" and edit its Target field to make it right.

Basically the shortcut starts the game with the command:
   generals.exe -mod SoupedUpSuperBossMod.big

Double click that shortcut to run the game using the mod.
To run the game without using the mod, use your normal game-installed shortcut.

Known Bugs

This mod may clash with some third party maps which have a map.ini that modifies objects. It is best to run such maps without any mods.

If a Teleporter Truck becomes unmanned (like Jarmened) the game will crash.
As a workaround, i have made it so that Jarmen cannot snipe it, and your own neutron weapons do not unman your own units (may damage them a little, but not unman), and blue neutron mines no longer unman things, just destroy them.
The Chinese nuke cannon neutron shell has no longer unmans vehicles. Instead, it has bunker buster (like stealth jet), EMP, and radiation effects.

Souped Up Superweapon General Mod 

Changed units:

Superweapon general's dozer can clean toxins if the buildings it is near are hit by a anthrax bomb or something, though the ambulance does it more readily.

Superweapon general's dozer can build the Cruise Missile silo and the Neutron ICBM silo.

Cruise Missile explodes with 2 warheads, the first does 2000 explosive damage to a radius of 50 (like high explosive bomb truck), and the second is a MOAB warhead. It also has EMP pulse effects. The missile is not strong and can be shot down by concentrated AA fire.

Neutron ICBM Missile kills all infantry within the target circle, and makes all vehicles, including aircraft, unmanned. It clears out tunnel networks too. Only the GLA palace can protect infantry from it. It has a small radius EMP effect that will incapacitate the thing it hits for 30 seconds. Slightly stronger than Cruise Missile but can also be shot down.

Superweapon's War Factory can build the Teleporter Truck. Developed using top secret technology from the Philadelphia Project, this truck can transport up to 10 units instantly from one truck to another, or to a tunnel network. If two of these trucks are commanded to enter each other at the same time, they will vanish into thin air but can be retrieved from a third truck. The truck comes armed with a gattling gun, which can be upgraded to a better model via the Tow missile upgrade, and further upgraded to a faster rate of fire with the ChainGuns upgrade (bought from strategy centre), and it is stealthed when not moving too fast. The composite armour upgrade improves its armour and also makes it auto heal. It detects stealth to a range of 200.

Superweapon's Aurora bombs now pack a small nuclear warhead. Aurora jet has more health (similar to normal Aurora).

Superweapon's Stealth fighter gets a button to fire one missile only so it can engage 2 targets per sortie. It has longer range missiles too.

Superweapon's Comanches have point defence lasers and can detect stealth, so they are useful for clearing demo traps and against heroes.

Superweapon's Airfield builds an A10 instead of the raptor. The A10 comes with patriot missiles and a long range gun, and the laser missiles upgrade changes its missiles to EMP patriots. The Chain Guns upgrade makes its guns more powerful. It is effective against both air and ground targets and is especially useful for guarding your perimeter in the Tank General's challenge.

Superweapon's tomahawk vehicle now launches 2 kinds of missiles. The standard tomahawk missile, and an Ordos Deviator missile (selected using the toxin warhead button). The deviator missile uses nerve gas to gain control of enemy vehicles. It can also clear out garrisoned buildings.

Superweapon's Avenger can shoot down shells and bombs and scud storm missiles.

All Superweapon infantry can climb cliffs and rappel from chinooks.

Rangers and Missile Defenders run faster than normal.

Pathfinders are stealthed even when moving, but leopard crawl very slowly along the ground instead of running. If you want to move them great distances, it is advisable to use vehicles to transport them to near the front line, then they can crawl into position unnoticed.

Instead of dropping standard American rangers, Superweapon's paradrop powers will drop a mixture of Superweapon General infantry types.

Superweapon's Rangers have long range machine guns, they can kill stinger sites without getting hit. The flashbang upgrade gives them a toxin gun instead of flashbang grenades, and also gives them gattling tank's anti-air gun, making them effective against Air force General's planes.

Superweapon's Pathfinders have very long range quick firing Jarmen Kell sniper rifles (fire at twice the rate of normal Pathfinder rifle). The range is almost infinite when garrisoned. They can detect stealth even when garrisoned and inside chinooks and other vehicles.

Superweapon's Burton can detect stealth (to range 150), can swim in water, has an anti-air gun (useful for shooting down spy drones or circling planes), and can call in an A10 air strike every 25s. He cannot stab infantry any more, but can knock them down by running into them.
Burton can also capture buildings like the ranger (if capture upgrade has been bought).

Superweapon's missile defender's laser missile ability has a slightly longer range.
He also has a new primary missile: the bloodhound mini cruise missile. These are its features:

Rate of fire: 1 round per 2 seconds (half that of standard missile defender weapon)
Ground Targeting range: 195 (out-ranges tunnel network gun but not patriot or gattling base defences which have 225 range)
Air Targeting Range:    350
Minimum range:          30
Max flight time:        60 seconds
Damage to vehicles:     40 (same as standard missile defender weapon)
Damage to infantry:     80 (twice that of standard missile defender weapon, but remember, rate of fire is half)
Damage to buildings:    80 usually, depends on armour
Kills garrisoned infantry in civilian buildings with 1 shot. Stop it from shooting a second shot to avoid damaging the building.
Incendiary effects: small amount of napalm, if 4 missiles hit in the same place within 2 seconds, it creates a small black napalm fire (not a firestorm, just a fire).

When upgraded with the laser missiles upgrade (buy at airfield) the missile does 25% more damage, and also has EMP effects like the patriot missile.

When upgraded with the nuclear isotope upgrade (buy at neutron ICBM silo), each missile carries a sub-critical mass of plutonium instead of napalm, and creates a small radiation field, like Nuke general's tank shells. If 8 of the missiles impact at the same place within 2 seconds, these sub-critical masses will combine to reach supercritical mass and trigger a small fission chain reaction (similar to when a China power plant explodes).

Tactical use notes: be careful of putting too many of these guys together, if say a rocket buggy runs into your base or an enemy plane flies over it, and 8 of them shoot at it, it may make a nuclear explosion inside your base.
The missiles do not go very fast but have a very long range, so they can follow enemy aircraft back to their base and hit them AND their airfield. Use this to your advantage when fighting generals who use aircraft.
For example, when fighting Superweapon general's challenge, put 2 avengers, or an avenger and a firebase, where her auroras will attack it, then put a bunch of these guys along the sea shore in front. There is a chance that some of the missiles will follow her planes back and hit them and their airfield (buy the laser missiles upgrade to EMP disable it for 30s).
If your plane is being followed by some of these missiles, fly it over some of your avengers or firebases so that their lasers can take care of it.
2 Humvees with 4 of these guys in each, and with nuclear isotope upgrade purchased, will make short work of enemy buildings. 

Superweapon's firebase has better health, self-defence lasers to deal with missiles, shells, aurora bombs, and terrorists, its gun can shoot downhill if it is not too steep an angle, and it fires 2 extra types of ammunition: The nuke cannon neutron gun shells, which no longer have neutron effects but rather EMP and radiation and bunker busting effects; and 88mm anti-air flak cannon shells which are effective against air force general's planes too (not shot down by lasers). The chain guns upgrade (buy from strategy centre) makes some of its weapons 25% more damaging.
For the ultimate base defence, build a firebase and put in 2 rangers with flashbang upgrade (4 rangers if facing air force general), and 2 missile defenders.
If you have to fight against an enemy Superweapon General's firebase, only superweapons, gattling, small arms, and suicide weapons will work. Projectiles will mostly be shot down by its lasers.

Enemy Scud Storm missiles now show up on your radar whilst in flight and can be seen by you and shot down by concentrated AA fire from lasers, firebase, and teleporter truck with tow missile upgrade.

Some things to try:

Use the neutron ICMB to nuke Granger's circling planes and helicopters (but don't aim right in the middle of them as the helo's lasers will down the missile).
Use the neutron ICMB to clear out Kassad's tunnels.
Use the neutron ICMB to unman those big bunches of Ta Hun Kwai's tanks and then use paradrop to take them over.
Use the neutron ICMB to clear out Shi Tao's garrisoned buildings.
Use the neutron ICMB to neutralise Alexander's Avengers and rocket infantry (aim some distance away from the avengers so the missile is not shot down by them).
Use the deviator to steal enemy vehicles, useful against tank general.
The A10 is a good Tank Buster, especially with the laser missiles upgrade, and can also engage enemy planes. Use it to guard the battlefield in front of your base. It comes in handy against nuke general's nuke cannons and tank general's tank columns.
The Teleporter Truck is a good anti-air vehicle, especially when the Tow missile and Sentry Gun upgrades are bought.
Ragers can take out GLA base defences safely from a distance.

Boss General Mod:

This mod allows you to play the Zero Hour single player Generals Challenge as the Boss General. It does this by changing the Infantry General into the Boss General, so when you select to play the Generals Challenge as Infantry General you become Boss General instead.
This also affects Skirmish games.

Changes Units:

Changes from original Boss mod:
Fixed bug where command centre reverts to building infantry general dozers instead of Boss ones after it gets minefield upgrade.

Boss Auroras drop a napalm tank. It gyrates like a non-boiled egg as it falls because of the liquid sloshing around inside. It is somewhat effective even against Superweapon general's firebases and avengers because the napalm spills out when it is destroyed.
It is very effective against groups of vehicles, base defences, etc.

Boss Avengers promotable, carry 5 infantry (like humvee), shoot down most projectiles, and have a turret so they can designate without turning the whole vehicle.

Boss airfield can build countermeasures upgrade for Boss's US aircraft types.

All TNT sticky bombs do more damage, and can destroy stinger sites.

Boss ranger and tank hunter can become Superweapon general's types (but then tank hunter will not be able to plant TNT). Be warned: EMP missiles and Helixes do not mix.

Secret Agent buildable by Boss. Builds from Command Centre when you have a nuclear missile building.
Agent can swim (to Superweapon General's islands for example), climb cliffs, defuse mines (including chemical general demo traps), and plant 2 kinds of bomb, and do TNT sticky bomb attack.
His EMP booby trap forces vehicles to stay in a radiation field.
His Neutron booby trap unmans vehicles and kills infantry. Bunches of unmanned vehicles at choke points can cause traffic jams for the enemy.
The agent can kill infantry by running into them.
He can repair buildings, and finish buildings started by your dozer.

Now dozers and the Agent should be able to defuse Chemical General's demo traps.

Boss Sentry Drone detects stealth to 200, is trainable, autoheals; and when it has Junk Repair upgrade, it heals nearby units like the ambulance. It has a laser which destroys demo traps and mines.

Boss Lotus can swim, climb cliffs, do kung fu attacks on infantry (including stinger site guys), and call in a squadron of migs to bomb a location every 25s.
Boss Lotus is stealth garrison.

Boss Jarmen has very long range sniper rifle, can snipe garrisoned infantry, and has a faster repeating anti-vehicle pilot rifle.

Boss supply truck has its own self defence gun. With supply lines upgrade (buy at supply centre), it can move over water, up cliffs, and moves faster on land and gets $60 more for each load of boxes. It has 6 slots to transport infantry or vehicles.

More Boss infantry types (including Hacker) benefit from Advanced Training upgrade and chemical suits upgrade.

More Boss vehicles benefit from various upgrades.

Single Player USA and China Campaigns:

Some USA and China units can be upgraded to become Superweapon or Boss unit types so that you can play the single player campaigns using Superweapon or Boss units.

It is advisable to upgrade things immediately when you get them (at the game start or from reinforcements etc). Do not upgrade them before changing the type, as upgrades will be lost. Also, containers will lose their contents (so exit all your infantry from bunkers before converting them to Boss bunkers).

American things that can change to Superweapon General types:
buildings: powerplant, comcen, warfactory, barracks
vehicles: dozer, tomahawk, comanche, Avenger
infantry: Ranger, missile defender, pathfinder
The American Burton comes already upgraded to Superweapon standard.
CIA agent has Jarmen kell weapons instead of Burton gun and is stealthed when not moving.

Cheap trick: in the mission where you take over Iranian oil fields, keep one dozer without upgrading it and use it to build USA power plants, then upgrade the power plants for free to Superweapon General's ones, this saves you some money.
Also, move your starting snipers near to their positions before upgrading them, so they get there faster.

China things that can become Boss or Superweapon types:
buildings:  Airfield, Warfac, Barracks, PowerPlant, Supply Centre, Bunker, GattlingCannon.
vehicles: Dozer, Gattling Tank, Supply Truck.
infantry: RedGuard (Become SupW), TankHunter (Become SupW), Hacker.

China nuke cannon has EMP radiation shells instead of Neutron shells, and has a longer sight range and auto acquires targets.

Things to try: 
In the China mission where you destroy GLA statues for the sake of opinion, have teams of 1 sentry drone and 1 avenger containing infantry advance through the town. They will take out demo traps and all enemies.
In China mission 4 where you have to stop waves of GLA vehicle fleeing through a town, when you can afford it, build 4 Boss auroras and the black napalm upgrade hotkey them for easier use. Have them on guard behind your lines so you can call them faster when you need them.

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