Souped Up Technicals



This smallish unit mod changed the models of the GLA's Technicals from smallish to larger! Now they look cool, and are closer to the right size compared with their gunner. Modifies all three different Technical models.



Creator: The Geek With The Gun
Title: Souped Up Technicals Mod

Have you ever noticed how small the technicals are in comarison to their gunners? I thought it would be alot of fun to make a mod that enlarged the bodys of the trucks, lifted them and added some extras to the technical models. So I created this mod. the Technicals In this mod are much more realisticly sized and add a more "modefied" apearance to them. The Technical models now have much more detailed Damaged Models. 
This Mod works in both Generals And Zero Hour.

I'm sure you know where to put this, but if you don't I'll tell you. Just copy the art folder and paste it in your Generals or Zero Hour directory. (C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Command and Conquer Generals or 	C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour) 

Since the original Models belong to EA and i just edited them, i dont care if you edit them further.
if you want to post this on your website or use this in a mod, you must get permission from me. my email is Twinkythekid02 at aol.com if you want to give me feedback on This mod, wanna see some more, or just want to ramble to me about C&C Generals feel free to email me.

~The Geek With The Gun~

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