This is a hard USA mission, but can be accomplished with a bit of patience and hit n run tactics. A fairly straight forward mission in which...


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This is a hard USA mission, but can be accomplished with a bit of patience and hit n run tactics. A fairly straight forward mission in which you are to eliminate all GLA forces in the area, and clear land of demo traps. ALL USA units must survive. Col. Burton, three snipers, and a Sentry Drone is the team you'll have to work with. Guerilla Warfare is the key to victory. As you gain points you will have access to para-drops and A-10 strikes. Don't rush through this mission or you'll lose...Good Luck!

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Stealth (ZH) (a SP mission for C&CG Zero Hour)

	Welcome General,

	You need to attack GLA positions and clear the region of all GLA forces and
	clear the area of demo traps.

	* All USA units MUST survive


	This map is a really fast loading fun map that is not meant to be taken
	seriously at all.


	- Ambient sounds set mood
	- Snipers
	- Fun gameplay
	- Nighttime setting
	- Rainy weather


	Hint 1: Snipers

	Snipers are really useful in detecting demo traps and also for taking out
	infantry at long range.

	Hint 2: Sentry Drone

	A sentry drone is also really good at detecting stealthed units.

	Hint 3: Gueriila Warfare
	'Gueriila Warfare' is tactic in which you make fast effective attacks and use
	the element of surprise against your enemy. Use that in this mission.

	Hint 4: Col. Burton

	Col. Burton has a knife attack, timed c4 attack and remote c4 attack.
	In this mission you should try to aatack defences in an akward angle
	for that defence position.

Public Testing

	To make sure that the maps that I make are quite a high standard I have now
	launched a public testing policy. After I release a map you can report bugs
	or landscape issues to

	If enough bugs or errors have been reported I will fix them and rerelease the


	To install read the instructions in the Zero Hour manual on page 41.


(In release order)

Pack of Ten [Map Pack #1]

	The Sands of Time (ZH)  @
	Mount Olympus (ZH) @
	Octoberfest (ZH) @
	Cliffhanger [General Challenge] (ZH) @
	Fight for All (ZH) @
	Preemptive Strike (ZH) @
	Minesweeper (ZH) @
	Head 2 Head (ZH) @
	Wastegrounds(ZH) @

Pack of Ten [Map Pack #2]

	Mercury Falling (ZH) @
	Black Squadron (ZH) SP MISSION @
	Headstrong Attack (ZH) @
	Desert City (ZH) @
	Bring it On! @
	Frozen @
	Close Encounter (ZH) @
	Useful Technology (ZH) SP MISSION
	Up Close and Personal (ZH) @
	American Beauty (ZH) @

Pack of Ten [Map Pack #3]

	Communication Breakdown (ZH) SP MISSION @
	Sudden Strike (ZH) SP MISSION @
	Cobra Cell (ZH) @
	Level Playing Field (ZH) @
	Snow Storm (ZH) @
	Survivor (ZH) @
	Mountain Valley (ZH) SP MISSION @
	Prisoners of War (ZH) SP MISSION @
	Rockets in Russia (ZH) SP MISSION @
	Pacific Tide (ZH) SP MISSION @
	Smackdown (ZH) @

NOTE: All my maps are available from my website, DK Online and some from


I created maps for for a while under the nickname of "Headcracker"

My old Yuri's Revenge maps are available here:

My Website

If you like my maps please take the time to visit my website:

This C&C Generals Zero Hour mission was created by Dean Krause on the 26th of March
2004. This map is copyright Dean Krause 2004.

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