Super Power

In this mod, some American units have increased range and damage.

China has upgraded MiG's.

No changes for GLA. Plus, the computers d...


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In this mod, some American units have increased range and damage.

China has upgraded MiG's.

No changes for GLA. Plus, the computers don't build superweapons.

See the readme for a more detailed description of the changes.

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Name:  Super Powers version 0.33

Authors : Sicarius([email protected]) and Titan([email protected])

Files Size : 262 KB

Description :  This is version 0.33 of our first MOD for Generals, 
               We thought the default settings for Generals where a
               bit off the course,  America needed adjusting, China
               needed a little power boost, and GLA needed to be a little
               more like terrorists.

		in short : America - some units have increased range and damage
                                     Carpet Bombing is now active
                           China   - Upgraded the MIG's a little bit 
                           GLA     - No changes
                           Computer DOES NOT build Superweapons (e.g. Particle Cannon, Nukes and Scudstorms)
			   Zoom has modified

Install Instructions: first you need winzip, then you just extract the files into [General installation dir]\Data\INI ,
                      you might need to create the INI folder.  if you need any other help installing this mod feel free
                      to mail us.
Changes to Generals :
               America : 
              Stealth Fighters : Range and Damage increased
              Raptors : Range and damage increased
              Comanche : 6 missiles instead og 4
                         overall Damage and Range increased
              Tomahawks : Range increased (a lot,  more realistic)
                          Damage increased a little
              Patriot Missile Defence : 8 rockets instead of 4

              Supply Drop Zone : Wait time increased to 4 minutes
	      Stratigy Center : The Bombardment Gun actually does something
              Airfield : You can now dispatch Carpet Bomb

		China :
              MIG : More Missiles, More Damage and more range

                GLA :          
                        everything is unchanged

                Other :  -Computer AI has been modified-
                          -No matter which difficulty level the Computer does not
                           build Super Weapons : Scud Launcher, Particle Cannon
                           Nuke Missile
 		         -Changed Veteran, Elite and Hero bonus settings
                          -Health Bonuses : Veteran = 160%
                                            Elite   = 180%
                                            Hero    = 200%
                          -Weapon Bonuses : VETERAN  RATE_OF_FIRE  150%  
                                            VETERAN  DAMAGE        130%
                                            ELITE    RATE_OF_FIRE  180%
                                            ELITE    DAMAGE        150%
                                            HERO     RATE_OF_FIRE  200%  
                                            HERO     DAMAGE        180%
                          -American Upgrades : are a little cheaper but they take longer to research
                          -China upgrades : Radar Tower costs 400 instead of 500, but takes 5 seconds longer to build
                          -Zoom has been extended,  you can now zoom more out to get more perspective of the Battlefield

Notes :     This mod is not yet finished, as it is now America and China have a *little* Advantage over GLA,
          as the computer DOES NOT build Superweapons you must NOT take advantage of that as it makes the game
          boring and reduces the Fun level.  I advice to NOT build Particle cannons and use them and NOT use the Carpet
          Bombing too much.  as the Computer does not build superweapons you can now *safely* fight against USA and China
          and enjoy long lasting Air battles.    
            SINCE ZOOM HAS BEEN EXTENDED YOU MIGHT EXPERIENCE SOME DIFFICULTIES, we advise you to configure your video                  setting accordingly,  as in turning 3D shadows off to increase overall performance.

what you can expect in upcoming version :
          - More unts of China modified
          - American Land Army Modifications
          - GLA Units modified too make a challenge
          - GLA will be more of a pain in the ass
          - Modified Brutal AI, too make a real challenge
          - Building HP increased on all sites
          - GLA Anti-Air improved a little
	Enjoy this MOD,  Feel free to change it, and Feel free to mail us any comments and or ideas for improvement(s)
			Sicarius and Titan

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