Players: 2-6 AI Enabled: YES Supply Docks: 2/player plus extras Supply Piles: a few Oil Derriks: alot Oil Refineries: 4 Hospitals: 2...


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Players: 2-6 AI Enabled: YES Supply Docks: 2/player plus extras Supply Piles: a few Oil Derriks: alot Oil Refineries: 4 Hospitals: 2

Simply awesome! Great for multiplayer (no lag occured for me) due to the simple visuals in the map but still a nice sight. The map turns out to be one of a kind i've seen so far, thanks to the developer's new idea of making it other then the normal ones we've seen with all the fighting for the central part for resources. There's a rule on how the map should be played with 6 or 4 players in the readme.txt.

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                Map: Syncopator V 2.0
                     by FreeLance

Size: 350 x 400
Players: 6
Teams: 3v3 (East v West)
       2v2 (East v West, corners)
       NOT 2v2v2 (read why...)
Size: 350 x 400
Players: 6
Resources: Medium, plenty for a good start.

There is definitely a shortage of decent 6 and 8 player maps
out there. This is my first attempt to correct this.

I got more than a little tired of those that are either 
completely flat, or have a single central objective or single
central choke point to fight over, or have so much $$$ that 
there is nothing to do but just build a titanic army and go

So. With Syncopator, I'm trying to make a map that has some
visual variation without loading down a normal computer, that
demands good strategies, and allows a lot of different strats
to work. Several aspects of the map make for a strange mix 
of natural defense and offense positions for each player and

The map is NOT arranged so that each player gets the same
resources, but each SIDE does, as the map is "flip/mirror"
symmetrical, roughly. Each start location has its own 
pattern of potential and responsibilities, and different
strats work better from each. But side to side, that pattern
is the same so there is very good balance. (ie: start points
1 and 4 are essentially the same, 2 and 5, etc, and corner
players 3 and 6 tend to fight and defend the middle more than
their partners and so on.)

Because of the variation in the 3 player locations on each
side, this is *not* a good 2v2v2 map.

Check out the file "firstmoves.gif", in your new
"SyncopatorV2" folder to see good opening moves for each

See you out there! HF and GL!


P.S. Thanks to the author of "Saddam's Secret Citadels"
for some of the inspiration of this map, sorry I can't
find your name, but it's my fave 2v2 map :)


Unzip this file ( into your
"...\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Data\Maps\"
directory. It will create a new directory "SyncopatorV2" on
its own and install 4 files in it so the map will be seen as
you play the game.


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