The End Of Days



The End Of Days adds a new faction, Russia, that has 3 sub generals. The author's concept is to make the game more dynamic by including the sub generals in the main factions. This means every player have the choice what kind of weapons he need to defeat his opponent as the game progress. There are many new unit's, upgrades and so on.

The models and skins are very well done. The Russian side is fun to play on and adds that link between the USA and the Chinese side. Every Russian unit has a skin that echos the Russian camouflage. Green and white & blue and white camouflages show up a lot; with the player's color mixed in for effect. A new Russian interface and custom general's powers also make it in this mod.

For more screens and more information, visit the forum site here.



--------------------THE END OF DAYS - c&c Generals-Zero Hour mod-------------------

This mod is free, to play it you need to buy and install Generals and Zero hour.

	How to install - Download the file and Extract it with winrar to your Zero Hour directory.
Be sure all other mods and files are removed. That's all.

	Uninstall - Just delete the file.

	Few things about the mod:
This is early beta version which mean that bugs can be expected. (like GLA Mosque building-icon is missing)
Also many things are not completed.
DO NOT!!! put my models and works in your mod before asking me- but maybe the answer will be NO :)
For reporting bugs and sending messages (suggestions)- please visit this forum and ask there.http://forum.cncreneclips.com/index.php?showforum=258
I'll open topic for bugs report.There also you can share your opinion.

Alexei_Stukov - mod Leader
Zatev - INI coder
Arkhadancia - Beta tester

More team members are needed.
If someone wants to join our team contact me at the forum.

I wish you Nice playing on this mod.

							Alexei_Stukov 23.11.2008

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