The Mountain Raid

This is a small map, 1 team starts near the base of a mountain, and the opposite team starting at the top of the mountain. There is a small...


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This is a small map, 1 team starts near the base of a mountain, and the opposite team starting at the top of the mountain. There is a small city in the centre of the map, which is of very strong strategic value. There is a railway running around the base of the mountain, so be careful where you position yourself. There is plenty of cash either side of the map in the form of oil derricks and supply stash's. Near the derricks are crates that contain 10 tanks, these can be used as your primary defence early on, or for a quick attack, a very nice touch. Both start points are surrounded by either bunkers, or strong buildings. There prove a great defence if used correctly. There are three routes that can be used to storm the mountain, again these are very defendable. There is plenty of room to build up a large base, This map can prove great fun and very strategic. It also plays well with AI. An all around great map.

Players: 2 AI Enabled: YES Oil Derricks: 6 Oil Refineries: 2 Hospitals: 2 Supply Docks: 0 Supply Piles: 6 Bunkers: 4 Civillian Buildings: Small City Trains: 1

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	map created by GeNeRaL_GiM
		--->[email protected]

	-The map is a 1v1 formatted map
	-Inspired by the Terrorist activities in the Philippines (Abu Sayyaf terrorists)


	The Urban area is being terrorized by the mountain terrorists north of the government compound.  It's up to you to choose which side you will enforce.  You can use the little military compound and build your way to attain offensive superiority and level the threat or you can be the terrorist themselves, use the mountain as your shield and prevent total annhilation and claim the area as yours.

----> AI enabled, brutal AI recommended for maximum gameplay satisfaction
----> 3 oil derricks and one oil refinery on each base for each side to capture
----> The military compound is given 10 free Crusader Tanks (from crates) for offensive advantage
----> Terrorist Faction compound has about 5 to 8 $2500 crates for defensive purposes

///Expected choke points:
	- Time your movements, train(s) in the area, very dangerous
	- Counter-Terrorist faction should build large armada of tanks to assure victory
	- Be careful when scaling the road up to the mountain, terrorist faction can achieve superiority and can launch big defensive power


After Extracting the file, transfer the whole folder of the map ("\The Mountain Raid" folder) to your "\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Data\Maps" folder.

----------ENJOY and don't forget to check for updates and future creations of GeNeRaL_GiM


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