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A great mod which adds a new "Tomahawk General" to the USA side. It also replaces the 3 vanilla sides with boss generals. It includes some...


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A great mod which adds a new "Tomahawk General" to the USA side. It also replaces the 3 vanilla sides with boss generals. It includes some great looking models, and has been extensively tested for bugs and errors. It is still a beta though (be sure to look out for newer versions soon). The mod was made mainly as a solo project, with other people only helping to test the game, and submit small parts. I'd definitely recomment you give it a try!

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Download '' (12.6MB)

These are the errors that were found during the early alpha and beta sage of this mod, they have now all been fixed:

Tomahawk Storm wouldnt run out of power even if the power plants were all destoyed.

Increased Tomahawk Patriot Damage

Increased Tomahawk Storm Damagae

New Music

New Sounds

The "King" Tomahawk makes its debut return

The problem with the Tomahawk patriot where it would fire 2 Tomahawks from one side of the patriot is now fixed

The Tomanche Missiles have been resized to a smaller scale

Loads of new cameos (most replacing the old ones)

Various Bug fixes that EA couldnt be bothered to do (EXAMPLE: The laser guided missile upgrade was did nothing, didnt upgrade the weapons as it was sopposed to, this is now fixed)

The .str file is a mess at the moment, some text lines won`t show etc etc. I` am ina process of fixing this.

The new height and the added height locomotrs have been removed due to a few errors it causes with units/special powers/buildings etc etc

Replaced the old USA_11 track with a much better, smaller track

The normal tomahawk launcher can now be built along side the "King" Tomahawk

The Tomahawk General now has a Tomahawk launcher drop at the tech landing pad bulding

Added the GLA boss picture to his faction

The Tomahawk Storm tooltip now tells you how much power it requires

All hero units are built as elite

The composite armour upgrade has been removed from the Tom Gen, and it has now been replaced with a "Gyro" upgrade that makes the tomahawk missiles fly faster

The Tomahawk Patriot can now target Air-Units

The USA boss can use his new units/buildings (i`m still working on the other 2 boss generals)


This is a solo mod project made by me (Cattman2236) but it could`nt have been possible with out these people.

Alpha/Beta Testers:


Thanks to these people for allowing me to use there models/cameos/ etc etc

Sir Maddoc 

Any many others whom i can`t remember now, but your help was much appreciated, Thank you

Below is the list of websites allowed to host my mod, If it`s found anywhere else then please report it to me ASAP:

My website:

C&C Files:

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