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An ok 3v3 map with lots of supply stations and oil derricks. As you can see in the 1st screenshot, there are 2 central plateaus which can only be accessed from one side only. The "mountains" contain an oil refinery surrounded by 3 oil derricks and 3 supply stations. Obviously the map should be played left vs. right. The central plateaus are connected by a wide roadbridge so that should be challenging as well. The setup of this map is good, however, there´s no finishing touch. The terrain is boring, some rocks and trees here and there, and the ridges of the plateaus are pretty much vertical making it look pretty ugly. Nonetheless this map should be good for some nice big money collecting 3v3. The map doesn´t contain any AI perimeters / paths so you can't play this in skirmish mode against a computer played :(

Players: 6 AI Enabled: No Oil Derricks: 12 Oil Refineries: 2 Hospitals: 0 Supply Docks: 14 Supply Piles: 0 Bunkers: 0 Civilian Buildings: Some high towers



Created by Solid

Just unzip file with folders on into "Command and Conquer Generals Data\Maps",
usually located in your documents folder.

This is a multiplayer map that is optimised for left vs right with a max of 6 players.
There are 2 moutains connected with a bridge wich contain an oil refinery surrounded by oil derricks and supplies.
The moutain south can easly accesed by the left team and the moutain north can easly accesed by the right team.

Hint: protect your mountain and conquer the mountain of the enemy to rule on this map.


for questions or comments email me at [email protected]

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