Tower Troubles

This is a great zero hour 4 player map. A ton of tech and civ. buildings in the center of the map . This map has the ai fully enabled so it...


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This is a great zero hour 4 player map. A ton of tech and civ. buildings in the center of the map . This map has the ai fully enabled so it makes good for a online of skirmish battle.

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1)Map Name:"Tower Troubles Zero Hour" This is the version for Zero Hour there IS
one for the Original 
Generals too. So dont worry :^)

2)Author:This Map was made by ][v][aximus AKA by CNCfiles as lYlaximus (Gotta
love the pics?)

3)Email Any questions?...Good

4)Players: me ohh the Map....2v2 (4) PLayers

5)This may seem like you average Boring 2v2 map with no details and well while
there is no Detail on the map
(sorry I thought it was to distracting from war to watch the pretty Birds and
trees...*cough* to lazy*cough)
There are many other reasons for downloading this map...For instance there is a
Middle filled with an 
Interesting way of dropping off Crates 4 oil Derricks 2 Tech Refinery's 2
Abandoned USA Air Force Gen 
Barracks with 1 Abandoned Airforce Gen Strategy center so you can build Col B
from those Barracks 
(your own strategy Center will not allow you to build Col B from there unless
you are Air Force Gen (Must 
have Matching Barracks and Strat Ceneter) The Strat Ceneter Being an Airforce
Strat Ceneter can call in 
carpet Bombing encass your not Air force Gen :^) It also has 2 Chinese Infantry
Gen Barracks with matching
 Propaganda Center (only 1) a VERY interesting use of Fallingtowers to defend
against large Tank or Troop, 
or anyother Ground attack You can see the Towers in fallin action in the Screen
Shots! These Towers are 
also at 2 top vs Bottom Choke Points (look at Map preview) ok Plenty of room to
Biuld and a Additional 
20,000 in crates next to your 4 supply Docks. 


6)Hmm...Ahh yes you extract the files into your My Documents/Command & Conquerer
Generals Data/Maps folder

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